Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hhhhmmmm Poetry

It seems I'm on another poetry kick.  I don't know where it is coming from, I promise it is unintentional.  It is just pouring out of me right now.  Maybe it's the swear-worthy agony that's goin' on.  Isn't there something about great art being born out of pain?  If it's true, you better hang on to your turban kid, cause when I die, this stuff will be worth more than the Mona Lisa!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Sometimes she feels so angry.
He chose the path they staid.
He took the choice for both of them. 
She simply honoured and obeyed.

Sometimes she starts to waver.
She mourns each small mistake.
 She could have done it better.
She shouldn't underestimate.

Sometimes it doesn't matter, 
What is in the past.
Now each has gone their separate ways.
Their path just didn't last.

Sometimes the sorrow descends, 
Upon her haunted life.
She didn't know his power
Would cut her like a knife.

Sometimes she says, "Once is enough."
Though, tomorrow not the same.
She will cry and she will wonder
If he even knows her name.

Sometimes promises are broken.
There's a shattering of peace.
Yet life continues onward,
And Wonders never cease.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Red Shield Sunday

In Australia, today is Red Shield Sunday.  Today is the day that thousands of Australians, including; Salvos, school kids and supporting charities, will get out in the streets, knock on doors and ask for your cash.

It all goes towards a worthy cause.  The flood clean up and financial assistance program is one that is probably in the forefront of our minds.  However, the Salvo's have been around for over one hundred years and they have pioneered many social services in our community today.  Chaplaincy in prisons (especially for women), children's services, missing persons and family reunions, Christian teaching and fellowship, housing for domestic violence victims, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, are all examples of when the Salvo's stepped up and reached out to those in need.  Regardless of who you are or where you come from you will likely have a need one day.  It may not be practical or financial, it may not be spiritual or emotional but it may be both. 

While there are hundreds of volunteers who serve The Salvation Army every year, many of their worthy programs can not happen without financial support from your pocket.  So when the cute white uniforms, the bright coloured polo shirts or the school kids in jeans arrive at your door today, give what you can.  If only 5 million people give one dollar to this cause there will be 5 million dollars.  If you can give more that would be great, but every little bit counts.  So, get out your coin jars and the five bucks you have hidden for a rainy day and hand it over. 

If you ever have that rainy day, the Salvo's will be there with the ark!  

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Face

The disappearing hair, atop a creased forehead.  
The long, pointed nose balancing furrowed eyebrows.
Below, drooping lids and wrinkles;deep, grey eyes.  
Skin; drawn and discoloured.
Red lips; corners down.  
Round chin, two; resting on a work worn hand.
Behind large lenses, deep eyes acknowledge the presence of another.  
A silent, listless plead: "Not today." 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Me too! Me Too!

Well this explains so much!  Now I understand!  I have a serious allergy problem here.  It isn't my fault at all.  You need to remember that it is an illness!

I wonder if there is an allergy pill for this one yet?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I received this story via email.  Thanks goes out to Nudge, because it gave me a great giggle.  I could just imagine one of the kids saying this! 
A 6-year-old was asked where his Grandma lived. ''Oh,'' he said, ''she lives at the airport, and when we want her, we just go get her. Then when we're done having her visit, we take her back to the airport."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Around 15 years ago I had this lovely little delusion that I was immune from a number of life's surprises and therefore I would be able to avoid a number of experiences.  I had this mental list of stuff that I would never do. This is an actual list of stuff I thought would never happen... but it did!

I never thought that I would:
  1. have a boyfriend
  2. get married
  3. be left for a younger woman
  4. divorce my husband before the age of 30 (or at all for that matter)
  5. be childless at the age of 25
  6. be a supply teacher
  7. be an high school teacher
  8. have 5 nephews and a niece
  9. watch my sister marry and get pregnant
  10. talk to strangers on the train 
  11. play in a band
  12. stop playing in a band
  13. teach someone how to play an instrument
  14. go to university
  15. finish university
  16. live with my BFF
  17. borrow money from my parents
  18. write and deliver the eulogy at my Grandfather's funeral
  19. go to a different church
  20. think that my teddy is alive
  21. miss a Kiah 
  22. let people sign my clothes
  23. be successful at anything
  24. spend more than $200 on a single pair of shoes
  25. write a blog! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

On Sunday...

Mr 11 came over to our place.  I was helping him with a project.  As we were sitting at the table colouring in or cutting out (I can't remember), Mr 11 politely asked, "can I please have a soda?"  He has apparently decided that he is American... an unfortunate illness I am trying to cure. "Sorry, no,  there is no soft drink in the house at all" I said simply.  He stared at me in surprise, his accusing eyes shifted towards the fridge as if he thought I was lying.  I looked at the BFF then back at 11 and said, "I'm telling the truth.  There is no soft drink in the house at all."
"Oh," he conceded, "what about some chocolate?"
"No, there is no chocolate either," I replied.  At this; the poor kid looked up at me and I thought his eyes were going to fall out of his head as he asked, "why?"
The BFF and I looked at each other and she said, "I am too lazy to go grocery shopping."
I followed this up with, "and I'm poor because I haven't been paid."
Mr 11 considered this for a moment, then, with great concern he asked, "if there is no chocolate and no soda, how have you been surviving?"

LOL :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

This Morning: So I'm on the way to bed part two

I got up and made my bed!

Young Love!

Yesterday a teacher at my school emailed all the staff to tell the story of the delightful romance that has blossomed between two prominent students at our school.  So my post this evening is based on a true story but certainly includes a bit of artistic license.  :)

It was Friday 13th May.  Fred was sauntering through the school grounds with his mates as "she" was following her friend to the tuckshop.  He tried to hide it, but his mates knew he was staring at her.  Ever since the beginning of the year, when she first started at the school, he had been smitten.  Fred was mad about Ginger.  "That's it," he said, "today is the day."  His friends sprawled on the picnic tables, and followed his line of vision.  "I'm going to ask her," he resolved, staring straight ahead and puffing out his chest.  The boys laughed. He had said this everyday for the last two weeks and everyday he would strike up a conversation with the group of girls. Then Fred and Ginger would exchange feeble smiles in between stammered enquiries about each other's health, weekends and assignments before Fred returned to his mates.  
He frowned at his friends and started towards her.  The boys followed him with their eyes.  He stepped in front of Ginger and said, "Hey, how ya doin?" 
"Ah, okay I guess," replied Ginger in surprise.  He had never looked so determined.  
"You know, it's Friday 13th.  Black Friday.  It is supposed to be unlucky you know?" Fred searched her eyes for the tiniest hint of encouragement.  
"Ah, yeah, I know." Ginger frowned.  
"Well, if you agreed to go out with me, I would be the luckiest guy in the world!" he grinned.
"Wow," replied Ginger with a wide-eyed smile, "I would love to."  

Fred and Ginger are currently basking in the "new relationship glow."  Fred's PE teacher is spreading the news.  As for the rest of us? we located the delete button.    

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So I'm on the way to bed

I was pulling back the covers last night and preparing to settle into bed.  I arranged the pillows into the specific position that they must be in for the first part of my nightly routine (ice/ heat on the effected area, Bible reading, prayers).  I shuffled to the bathroom for the regular ablutions,then retrieved the ice pack from the freezer and the heat pack from the microwave.  Finally I dragged myself back to my room and gently found the "position of comfort" that my physio talks about.  All the while I was thinking that it had been only a few hours ago that I made the bed.  Not only did I make the bed that afternoon but I also changed the sheets.  This means I had changed the  pillow cases, fluffed pillows, smoothed over the doona and placed the pillows in a way that even a great designer would approve.  I had probably spent at least half an hour making my bed and it took about 4 minutes for me to mess it all up again.

So, some things in life are a little bit pointless.  Come on, admit it... you don't make the bed unless you are having visitors who might glance towards your bed as they pass the bedroom door on the way to the bathroom.  Most days, I don't bother.  Most days, I don't have time!  Why is it that we feel compelled to "make the bed?"  If we do it because our mother did and our nanna did and their mother did and their nanna did.  Why did they do it?  Why is a bed considered "unmade" just because the doona is pulled back and the sheets are in a tangle?  Who says that the pillows should be at the head of the bed?  Why can't they stay in my special configuration?

I will admit that coming home to a tidy house and flopping down on a made bed is nice.  I will also concede that my made bed is much more aesthetically pleasing to the weary eye or in fact any eye that may care to wander that way.  But considering how pointless this exercise is, in that we undo it almost as soon as we are done doing it, it makes me wonder why we think this looks better.

I also wonder if people all over the world stopped making their beds (like I mean everyone, all at once, like it's totally illegal) would we eventually come to the conclusion that an unmade bed is better?  or would we always be wondering why our bed seems uninviting?

I am a teacher, I have returned to work.  My government computer does not work.  I have not been paid in over a month.  Is it any wonder why I am fixating on the phenomena of the unmade bed?!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Again...


It seems that Monday has rolled around again.  For most of you, this means one thing... the inevitable return to work after some kind of weekend.  For others, it is simply the beginning of another week, either work has continued through the weekend or you don't venture out into the world of paid employment.  For me it is sort of an odd day.  You see, I don't work on Mondays (or Fridays but that is another story).  I have a doctor ordered day at home.  Or at least a day not at work.

Sometimes the dreaded Monday becomes a day of flitting from one doctor's appointment to another.  Sometimes it is a lovely day of relaxation in front of the television, daytime tv, dvd's and junk food (these are a few of my favourite things...).  Other times it is sort of a catch up day... catch up on housework that I avoided over the weekend, catch up on exercises I am supposed to do everyday, catch up on school work that continued to get pushed back into oblivion when the stress built up.  I also tend to use Mondays to catch up on emails, letters, cards and reading.

You may be flinching as you realise that your earlier resentment at reading that I "have Monday off" was misdirected.  In fact, while it is a day off, it really isn't.  Either way, it is the start of my week.  The inevitable return to reality after a weekend of friends and family and hiding under the covers until 9am.  I got up at around 7 this morning, I showered, I have done washing and tidied my room, emailed a colleague or two, caught up on some work, and I'm now trying to decide what is next... changing the sheets or having lunch??!!

But first, I had to stop and share with you how very odd Monday feels to me.  It is not actually the weekend, I know that because; my housemate is off to work and I am alone, the tv shows are different, there is food in the house and road works are on again.  But, I don't go to work.  I stay home.  I go to the doctors.  I cover books and plan my lessons and read.  All the while feeling very unsure.  Tomorrow I will get up at 6am, pack my bag and my lunch.  I will walk to the station and catch a train to work.  I will listen to my music and ponder the tasks I will do when I arrive at work.  I will check paperwork, sigh at the pile of stuff dumped on my desk in my absence and switch on my imaginary computer.  Therein begins my week!  I will ask if I missed anything, to which my esteemed colleagues will say no.  I will review my messages and "to do" tray.  Then I will discover that I have in fact missed things: one of my students has been suspended, another has broken his arm, my whole class is going on an excursion today and there is a meeting at lunch.  When I complain that I didn't know any of this, I am regaled with a short: "why not? it was announced at briefing on Monday!" To which I shake my head slowly and turn back to my desk... as I believe a question like that deserves no response.

Then at the end of the day, I remember that it is in fact Tuesday and I have another meeting to attend.  So the first day of my week begins like a Monday and ends like a Tuesday.  Then the rest of the week barrels along and before I can blink it is Monday again.  I am at home alone, blogging, reading, emailing and feeling odd.

But not to worry tomorrow is Tuesday.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

A word invented by....

This one comes from the brilliant minds of the education world.  It really is a stroke of (I don't want to say genius!), well it's a stroke of something anyway.  Once you get past the immediate ick-factor it does give the educationally inclined a bit of a giggle.  

Edjaculation: the act of spurting educational jargon and edu-speak when excited or in an argument.  

I would like to suggest that this is also a "last resort" option for those who find themselves in a meeting and want to sound impressive so they can take charge and end it as soon as possible.  I would also like to have it stated for the record that I don't use educational jargon, unless I know that it is going to irritate my boss, in which case, I go to town!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day!

On Mothers' Day this year, Mum and I went to church together.  She nicked off to Sunday School and I stayed in the meeting (I think our roles have changed just a little bit lol).  We sang this lovely song, which makes it all sound perfect, which is a nice thought.  But even when it isn't perfect, if love abounds in one's house you get through the rough stuff as well.  My Mum might be a nutter (I had to get it from somewhere) but she loves us!  I Love Ya Mum!!! :)

Happy Mothers Day!!!

 This song is from the Salvation Army Songbook.  

Love at Home

"O there's joy in every heart
When there's love at home;
There's a smile on every face
When there's love at home!

Voices have a kindly sound,
Happiness beams all around
Peace and gentleness abound
When there's love at home.

Love at home! Love at home!
There's an angel in the house
When there's love at home."

According to Ann Landers

"If you marry a man who cheats on his wife, you will be married to a man who cheats on his wife."

Interesting! Took me a minute to work it out, but now I get it.

Hope you all have a nice day!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rowan Atkinson Leads the Orchestra

How important is the conductor?

In this case, not so important.  In fact if the musicians were actually watching him, I think the orchestra would have fell on the floor in fits of giggles.  Perhaps it's best these musicians weren't listening when their teachers told them to keep an eye on the conductor.  

Worth a giggle! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Big Bang Permeation

During my year 8 class today, we were working in small groups. A small group was with me, while others were working on activity sheets. My group was talking about a simple division problem. “There were ten apples and five students. How many apples did each student get?” As we discussed the key words and of course the answer and the strategies for finding the answer, a student said “I've got it Miss, I worked it out.” Another student in the group interjected with “well, der, it's really easy, you don't need a Sheldon to figure that out.”

So this pre-evening I shared my little story with my room mate who said, “that's gotta go on the blog.”

I knew that our friend Sheldon and the great TBBT gang were beginning to take over the world. I am so pleased that TBBT is becoming a part of my class vernacular. We have something in common, my students and me!  


Monday, May 2, 2011

Some People

Everyone has a photographic memory, some of us just don't have any film!

Every survival kit should contain a sense of humour. 

Humour is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.  
(Edward De Bono)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Avoid... 2

Just in case there are a few of you out there who are actually trying to avoid housework... here is the list of how to do it.

1. Check your emails.  It could be urgent.
2. Power disk the latest box set of your favourite TV series.
3. Check your emails again, you never know what might have happened while you were watching tv.
4. Review your contacts book (in your email) and delete all those random addresses that you have only used once.
5. Then, check all the people in your contact list and send them all an email, just to remind them you have their email address.
6. Clean out your inbox, delete all those nasty emails that you didn't need to keep.
7. Clean out your hard drive, delete all the files, photos and downloads that you don't need.  Be ruthless.
8. Now go net surfing and download some new music, pdf files (for work) and add some websites to your favourites.  You need to fill up all that new space you have.
9. Have a snack, you have worked for hours on your computer, you really need a break.
10. Pile up all the books that you have been meaning to read and sort them in order of preference.  Then get started you have a lot to catch up on.  If you don't have any books that need to be finished, get yourself a couple of magazines.
11. Check your emails.
12. Call your best friend who moved to another state and check that she's okay.
13. Have a long, hot soothing, bath.
14. Pull out that work you brought home and get started on it.  Work is important after all.
15. Lastly, check your emails.