Friday, September 30, 2011

Peter Denahey's Masterpiece

I was reminded of this video the other night and I immediately grinned!  I first saw this video played at the end of a Spicks and Specks episode.  The show is ending this year. :(
I must have been in Sydney or Nan and Pa were in Brisbane because I remember that Pa thought it was very funny.  He often brought it up when we discussed my students.  It was another one of those inside jokes that we had and when we talked about it no one else knew what we were chuckling about.  Perhaps I bring something different to my viewing, but you have to admit it is funny!  Enjoy!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pride and Prejudice and Hogwarts and Gilmores

For those of us who have Jane Austen in our heart and on our book shelf, we can see the brilliance of her storylines in everything.  Unfortunately, some of us have WAY too much time on our hands.  I can not take credit for these, technology is not my strong suit.  Now, how do I post this thing again?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great Procrastination

Holidays seem to be a time of procrastination for me.  I start out with a lovely list of things to do and often finish my vacation with very few ticks on my list.  Some say that my list is far too ambitious and perhaps it is, however a large amount of my inactivity is due to procrastination. 

Yesterday, for instance, I spent the majority of the day procrastinating.  I had a lie down, played my timbrel and spent a long time on the internet.  That is the thing about the internet, it is one of the greatest tools of procrastination known to man.  I wonder what people did to procrastinate before they had the internet? 

I checked YouTube videos, then went to the related videos and watched them.  I checked emails and replied to them and checked them again later.  I blogged, then drafted another blog which I deleted because I didn't like it.  I watched a movie and spent a long time deciding whether I wanted to put on a TV series while I worked or listen to music.  I downloaded some more audio books for use on my phone, using the excuse that I will not possibly have the time to do this downloading when I return to school.  That is only half of my day there, I don't really remember what else I did.  How odd.  Apparently when one procrastinates, one also loses great big chunks of time, unable to account for it. 

I suppose this blog is an example of procrastination as well, considering I am supposed to be lesson planning. 

Cest la vie :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One More Angel In Heaven

I don't know how to label this. 

I mentioned last week, that a good friend of mine passed away recently.  Until today I have struggled to talk about it or deal with it really, but this blog is going to be a cathartic conversation with cyberspace and then I can move on. 

My friend was a teacher and a student.  She was a christian; a beautiful woman who understood heartbreak and sorrow and motherhood and teenagers.  She was patient.  She was kind.  She supported her colleagues.  Her students came first.  She was a lady in every sense of the word.  She listened.  She prayed and trusted and rejoiced.  She smiled.  Her life was, in my opinion, too short. The family who survives her mourns for their daughter, sister, wife and mother.  Her colleagues mourn for their friend.  She was an example of faith and hope and love.  A child of the most high God.

He loved her.  He forgave her and blessed her and answered her prayers.  In His eyes, she was perfect.  In His eyes her life was exactly what it should have been.  In His eyes, it was exactly the number of days He intended.  She was His child and she is in His arms forever. 

Father God, thank you for my friend.  

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Angel Party

They say when a person decides to follow God and truly repents of their sin there is a celebration in heaven (the prodigal son). 

Yesterday at church we witnessed the "swearing in" (enrolment) of a new Salvation Army Senior Soldier.  He was a charming young man, the grandson of a close friend and surrounded by "Army" family.  For those who are not familiar with the Salvo way of church: to be sworn in one must first make the decision of christianity and then take about 6-8 weeks of classes that educate on the doctrines, purposes and traditions of The Salvation Army.  So, while this young man's decision was taken a long while ago, the party happened yesterday.  He was sworn in, surrounded by family and friends and we made an enormous fuss... as we should have! 

There was a party in Heaven yesterday and there was a party at the The Salvo's too. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

National Literacy and Numeracy Week 2011

I know I am a bit behind, as Australia's Literacy and Numeracy Week was celebrated from 31 August - 4 September.  On the first day of NLNW, my school launched a week of activities and celebrations with a mulitplication recital competition and a "How many jellybeans in the jar?" competition.  However our BIG event was a noisy investigation of "How many balloons does it take to fill a Mini Cooper S?"  

You may be wondering why we chose a Mini.  It was the Deputy Principal's car.  The Deputy Principal who will never again give me his car keys! 

Oh, and for the record... 169!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

My trip to Hospital

Hi guys,
Hagrid here!
Last week, M and I were cuddling on the couch when she discovered a hole in my head!  Yes, a hole in my head.  She kept sticking her finger in it and saying "oh no" which I needed like... well... like a hole in the head!  She showed the BFF who found this rather humorous.  There is something I don't quite understand about that chick. 
M did what she always does when she has a problem such as this.  She called Grandma.  I was booked in for a visit at Grandma's Teddy Bear Hospital the next day.  M bandaged up my head and tucked me up on the lounge for a rest.  I have to admit, I did get lots more cuddles over the next 24 hours.  M took a photo of me.

After church the next day, M scooped me up and carried me out to Grandma's car where she strapped me in between number two and four (more cuddles).  Grandma took me to her house and sat me on the lounge.  I stayed there for nearly a week.  It was exactly 5 days.  On the second day, I had a tummy ache and Grandpa laid me on the floor and rested his feet on my tummy.  I felt way better after that.  Grandma said that Grandpa only did it because his feet were cold, but I really did have a tummy ache.  I finally went under the needle on Thursday and Grandma took me home on Friday.  I was home just in time to help the BFF pack for her holiday and give her lots and lots of cuddles. 
M and I have been having a lovely time at home since my little hospital visit and my head is better than ever.  I tell you what, the waiting list might be long, but Grandma's Teddy Bear Hospital is the best one in town.  I don't even have a scar!!!
:) Hagrid


I was just on my morning walk at 11 am (guess who slept in!).  This morning I took a different pathway, I used to walk that way nearly everyday, but not lately.  As I was strolling along admiring the gorgeous flowers that have blossoms and enjoying the lovely breeze I realised that this is the September holidays! 

Well, Der!

This is a big deal because, this time last year I was commencing an eight month leave of absence from my work.  This got me thinking.  It is a whole year since then and what has happened in that time?

  1. I can walk for 20 minutes with relative ease.  This time last year, I would have needed a 2 hour lie down  after an adventure like this morning! 
  2. I am looking forward to going back to work.
  3. The teacher who replaced me last year, a good friend, passed away only last week.
  4. My sister is pregnant.  OMGGM!
  5. The kids are attending a different school!
  6. Mum is better...
  7. Dad is okay.
  8. I am way fitter, happier and calmer.
  9. The BFF has gone away (she went away this time last year too, so I'm not sure how that is different).
  10. Nanny was here, but she isn't visiting this year :(
  11. I write a blog now!
  12. My relationship with Jesus is 100% better!  I am spiritually healthy! 
  13. I am reading for pleasure again.
  14. I am looking forward to the return of Beauty and the Geek (sorry, I'm addicted)!!!
  15. I'm hungry (nothing's changed on that score!)
How Bizarre!!! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

I fixed it!

A few days ago I mentioned that I had a few "picture" related stories to tell.  The pictures are stored on my phone and the chord that links my phone and computer was not working.  I haven't actually fixed it, but I remembered that the BFF has a connection chord for her phone and while it is a different brand it works perfectly well with my phone.  So it was a simple matter of finding the chord.  Finding it was not as simple as it sounds, but compared to fixing technology it was a snap! 

So picture stories are on their way!  :)

These are a few of my favourite things....

As at September 2011 My Favorite...
1. Time of Day: dunno
2. Food: ice cream, mac and cheese
3. Drink: pepsi max
4. Band/singer: way too many to choose!
5. Actor: too hard! 
6. Location: BED! :)
7. Team/Sport: hahahahaha
8. Animal: kitty.... teddy bear...
9. Activity: I don't suppose sleep is an activity.  Hanging out with the BFF, walking by myself to nowhere. 
10. Things to collect: BOOKS!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


So, I obviously haven't blogged for a while and then yesterday I blogged three times!  The reason for my insufficient blog action, is that there has been LOADS of action in, like, every other part of my life.  This overwhelming amount of action has resulted in some cool photos.  However, the awesome cord that connects my phone (also my camera) to my computer is not working and therefore, the photos are totally stuck on my phone!  UH OH SPOODIO!!!!!

So, until that is fixed you won't get to see the cool photos of the overwhelming action! 

sad :(

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Princess and the Cupcake

Dedicated to the BFF, the provider of the cupcake, my sunshine.
Warm, fuzzy and nauteous. LOL
Once upon a time in a land much like this one, a beautiful princess woke up and glided towards the kitchen of her house.
She was listening to the talking fridge and considering what to have for breakfast when she heard.... a very small squeaky little voice... she couldn't quite make out what it was saying, so she followed the sound until she found the owner of the small high pitched chatter. 
The beautiful princess searched and searched and was quite amazed when she saw that the little voice was owned by...a cupcake.  Yes, a cupcake
Do you know what the cupcake was saying?
It looked up at the adorable princess and said, "my fair lady... please, please rescue me from my miserable existence!"
Shocked, the stunning princess picked up the cupcake and said, "miserable existence? you are a cupcake what is so miserable about that?"
The cupcake frowned and explained, "well, Princess, i have lots of friends... we have been friends for a long time... well in cupcake time it is ages.  we were mixed together and spooned out together and we were even baked together!!!  Then we were frosted together and decorated with sugary jelly bits."
The princess was quite perplexed.  It sounded to her that the cupcake had a fairly ordinary sort of liFe for a cupcake.  It didnt seem all that miserable to her, especially when the cupcake had undergone all this surrounded by awesome friends.
"Then... a terrible thing happened" continued the cupcake.  "My friends started leaving me."
"Oh, no!" gasped the princess, "Why?"
"My friends, were being eaten!" replied the cupcake. "They were all moving on to the great pattypan in the sky"
"Oh, dear," said the princess, "all your friends left you! well, no wonder you are living a miserable existence.  But what can I do?" she asked.
"Fair lady, dear princess, there is only one thing you can do..."the princess and the cupcake looked into each other's eyes and a great tingle swept over the princess as she realised what the cupcake was suggesting.
"I couldn't possibly!"
"But princess, you must! Please, princess you must eat me, so that I can follow my friends and we can be together once more."
The princess nodded.  While she wasn't in the habit of eating cupcakes, especially talking ones! she knew what she had to do. So, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth.
The cupcake jumped inside and the princess chewed him up and swallowed him.
Then, she shed a tear for the suicidal cupcake and made some toast. And they both lived happily ever after!

Nerdfighters and How to be one!

Hey, I just realised that most people who read my blog probably don't know what a nerdfighter is, so hang on to your turban the Vlog Brothers!

Read it First

Read it first is a website where Nerdfighters... and other people... can take a pledge to read the book BEFORE seeing the movie.  Because, intelligent people tend to get really ticked off when they go to a movie and then read a book and realise that the movie was absolute CRAP!!! Anyway.... have a lovely day and pop into to take the pledge and/or sign up for their newsletter which gives you info on new movies and let's you know which ones are actually based on books. 


Have a lovely day!