Thursday, September 22, 2011

My trip to Hospital

Hi guys,
Hagrid here!
Last week, M and I were cuddling on the couch when she discovered a hole in my head!  Yes, a hole in my head.  She kept sticking her finger in it and saying "oh no" which I needed like... well... like a hole in the head!  She showed the BFF who found this rather humorous.  There is something I don't quite understand about that chick. 
M did what she always does when she has a problem such as this.  She called Grandma.  I was booked in for a visit at Grandma's Teddy Bear Hospital the next day.  M bandaged up my head and tucked me up on the lounge for a rest.  I have to admit, I did get lots more cuddles over the next 24 hours.  M took a photo of me.

After church the next day, M scooped me up and carried me out to Grandma's car where she strapped me in between number two and four (more cuddles).  Grandma took me to her house and sat me on the lounge.  I stayed there for nearly a week.  It was exactly 5 days.  On the second day, I had a tummy ache and Grandpa laid me on the floor and rested his feet on my tummy.  I felt way better after that.  Grandma said that Grandpa only did it because his feet were cold, but I really did have a tummy ache.  I finally went under the needle on Thursday and Grandma took me home on Friday.  I was home just in time to help the BFF pack for her holiday and give her lots and lots of cuddles. 
M and I have been having a lovely time at home since my little hospital visit and my head is better than ever.  I tell you what, the waiting list might be long, but Grandma's Teddy Bear Hospital is the best one in town.  I don't even have a scar!!!
:) Hagrid