Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A major and common trigger for a meltdown is...

Technology that doesn't work.

I have a limited time frame to do things in.  I sore and tired quickly and easily.  If anything - and I mean anything - slows down the process or makes it more complicated that means that I will have less time and energy to do the things that need to get done.  I will end up wasting time and energy on fixing the broken technology.

I know that technology sometimes breaks.

I know that I should plan for the technology to break.

I know that I should get things done with plenty of time for the technology to break so that if (by some miracle) the technology doesn't break down, I will have extra time up my sleeve.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter how well I PLAN.... life doesnt work out that way.

I don't have time for the technology to "not work"  and you might be wondering how I have time to post to my blog if I am under the pressure of broken technology.  The simple fact is, that now I have almost solved my technology problem and I am typing this as I wait for the printer to print some documents for me.  This is the third printer I have tried and I left it until last because accessing it and printing things from it is rather complicated.  However, the other two printers (or should I say 32 printers) that I would go to first, have all decided to ignore me and failed to print anything for me.

Thus I am using the slowest and most arduous process for printing that I have available to me which involves standing in my tool shed/office in the freezing cold (yes, even I am cold) while my dinosaur printing slowly ticks over trying to spit out all the print jobs I have sent it.  I have time to type 800 words about technology causing a meltdown (ironically, I'm really cold while I am having this meltdown) while I wait for the printer to do it's part and the program on my laptop to start working again.

I also thought that putting it here might prevent me from screaming or lashing out with some other anti-social behaviour at 9:30pm on a school night.

I don't have time to tell you more.  But I would assume you already lost interest quite a while ago and it probably doesn't matter anyway.  

So, I will away.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

It's been months!

Quite a bit has been happening. 
Quite a bit. 

Shelly wants to go outside.  I'm not letting her and she is very unimpressed with me. 

I am not going to try and catch you up on everything that has been happening.  There is far too much to tell. 

I won't try to explain my absence.  It isn't worth the screen space.

The end of AGT is near.  That is all I have to say about that for now.  But there will be more - soon... very soon.