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These links are on my Favourites Bar.  I many of them to produce/ inspire ideas for my teaching or blogging.  Click a Link and visit some of my favourite internet haunts. 

Wordle: I have mentioned before.  If you don't know what it is... Click Here!

Word IQ: great for learning new words and/or finding out extra info about everyday words. 

Creative Writing Prompts.com is probably my most visited prompt site.  Some great ideas for creative writing.  There are also some nice exercises for getting past the "writing police man" inside of us and just writing.  Good fun too!

Creative Picture Prompts: one picture a day.  Don't try to copy them, it doesn't work.  But it is nice to pop in from time to time and see what is on offer.  The picture changes daily and is on a one year rotation.  You never know what a picture can prompt you to write. 

Teachers' Corner Writing Prompts: There are loads of writing prompts here and while most are aimed at the kids, as a writer/blogger I have found a bit of inspiration here too.  Sometimes it's nice to write from the perspective of your inner-fourth-grader (LOL).

Meredith Sue Willis is an author and a university lecturer.  Her website has some great resources for budding writers and teachers alike.  I only visit this one when I really need some help battling the writer's block.  Click here to see the writing exercises which also have links to other info about MSW. 

Lightening Bug is another place that has pushed me towards a new writing topic or two.  I think there are some nice prompts for younger writers as well. 

Teacher and student photographers contribute to this Writing Fix site.  There are fewer than 15 photos at this point.  However competitions are held every year and the number of photos are increasing.  I have used a few of these photos for my own writing.  There are more that intrigue me, but I haven't yet produced a response to them. 

These sometimes inspire my writing... but mostly they just give me a giggle and what is life without laughter?!
Quotes and Sayings that we can all relate to: http://relatableblog.com/page/3
Nerd Quirks: things that nerdy people do.  Don't worry if you don't get it.   I love the background too!  http://nerdquirks.tumblr.com/tagged/nerd+quirks/page/5

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