Saturday, January 31, 2015

Great Sounds

Today my sentence is a list.

I have a strange feeling that I have used this particular prompt before, but that's just too bad.

I pinned this picture a a year or so ago, so the idea is that I make my own list of "nice" sounds.  But AGT is way too high brow for an adjective like NICE!

My list of Great Sounds...
- laughing babies
- my air conditioner
- his smiling voice
- rain
- Shelly purring 
- the doorbell
- people saying "cheese" 

What's on your list?

*Happy Sigh*

Thursday, January 29, 2015

While my feet looked beautiful...

They ached all day!!

Today was difficult: sore feet, sore back, sore neck, sore arms.  I was so tired and sore this morning that I needed a nap by the time I got to school.  My feet still hurt!

Tomorrow I'm wearing my cross-trainer walking shoes with my orthotics. Don't worry, I'm not going to cross any trains.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nailed it!

I just want you to know that during the deluxe pedicure that I had today, I have decided to marry the massage chair that sits in the back corner of the salon.  I know it won't be easy and we will be judged, but that chair was so comfortable and relaxing that I can't bear to live another day without it.  My desire for an awesome back massage transcends my fear of public opinion.  
I also had a manicure today and the lovely lady who will paint almost anything onto my nails that I ask for - provided I manage to ask her in a way she understands - painted two little white kittens on my nails for me.  I love it! 

I feel great and I look great... what more could I ask for?  Oh so much! 

Yesterday morning! AKA My first day of the 2015 school year

I am all dressed up, ready for my first day of classes. I have a real bra on and everything. We get brekkie at Maccas- a beginning of the school year tradition- on the way out of the car park an egg falls out of my brekkie roll bouncing from my shirt to my skirt and on to the floor. Great! 

I have to go do my homework! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Yesterday's Sentence

Don't start.

Yesterday it was so hot and humid that even melting felt like it would take up too much energy.  I am tired.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

This week was crazy

On Tuesday, I went to school and got a little bit organised. I went to see HIM and the kids after school.

Wednesday was a day of info overload and by tge time I got home, I was sure holidays were over. :(

Dad went to Hospital. Thursday was another long and busy day. On Friday, it rained.

Travelling this week has been problematic.  Im very tired.

Start again tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The last day of holidays =(

My last day of holidays began with the whirlwind of the family leaving for their camping trip.  

I then realised it was my last day of holidays and I felt kind of sad.  

The plan was: 
1. Put together a craft box for HIM and HIS kids to use over the next few days - while they stay with him. 
2. Pull out my planning books and get them organised - including a list of week 1 activities for my class to complete. 
3. Tidy up the lounge room and kitchen.
4. Have a nap!
5. Cook lasagne for dinner. 
6. Bake brownies for the HIM and HIS kids to have for afternoon tea tomorrow. 
7. Pack my bag for school. 
8. Prepare meals for the next few days to make my return to school a little easier. 
9. Catch up on the Washing!  

Let's see, what did I actually get done? 
1. Put together a craft box for HIM and HIS kids to use over the next few days - while they stay with him. - check 
2. .....
3. Tidy up the lounge room and kitchen. - check
4. Have a nap! - sort of check
5. Cook lasagne for dinner. - check
6. Bake brownies for the HIM and HIS kids to have for afternoon tea tomorrow. - check
7. ....
8. Prepare meals for the next few days to make my return to school a little easier. - half a check
9.   .....

Okay, so I did better than I thought.  Although, I still need to make sandwiches for school, finish the washing, do the dishes, take out the trash and do those things on the list that I didn't "check".  

Are you sure my holidays are over? 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Shelly's little tantrum on Saturday and Sunday's Travels

Shelly decided that considering I went away and left her at home with the old people, there was no way she was going to help me by posting a sentence for me. 
You left me at home with the Grandparents! 


On Sunday I spent most of my time travelling and unpacking and tidying and grocery shopping.  By the time I had a chance to stop and post about my brilliant weekend I was too tired to type.  More Apologies. 

My weekend was Brilliant.  My family was delightfully welcoming to HIM and HIS family LOVES me. HIS Dad thinks I'm Awesome.  Clearly he is a very intelligent man because he came to this conclusion after only one meal with me.  

Today was less productive than I had hoped, but eventful none-the-less.  

The Sister and Brother (in law) arrived at my place after 10 this morning with their 8 children.  Yes, I said 8!  My Mother and Father were supposed to quickly and easily hook the camper van onto the back of the car and then they were heading off on a 4 day camping trip.  HA! 

It took 30 minutes for Bro, Dad and Mum to do the hooking up.  Sis and I tried to keep the 8 children cool and occupied (did I mention it was about 40C in the shade?) in between swapping the car seats over and changing nappies.  Mum was cranky and yelling at everyone!! Sis was just hot and irritable - she was snapping by the time everyone got in the car.  At 11:04, everything and everyone was strapped in, hooked up and ready to go.  They were only an hour and 4 minutes late.  I waved them good bye and came inside to collapse on my bed.  Phew... just watching that lot was exhausting! 

Tomorrow, I will tell you all about today and my first day back at school... thank goodness there won't be any kids there!! 

That's That Then! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Hagrid's Sentence

Hello Everyone, 
Hagrid here. 

I am blogging for M today because she flew to Sydney with HIM.  No doubt she will want to tell us all about it when she gets home on Sunday night.  Can't wait (if I could roll my eyes, I would).  

M insisted I use a writing prompt for my "Sentence a Day" contribution; probably because she is worried that I might tell you what I really think of HIM. 

The prompt comes from Toasted Cheese: Comment on this quote from CS Lewis "Always winter, never Christmas"

My Sentence: I think Mr Lewis lived in Antarctica.  

Tomorrow our special guest blogger will be Shelly.  
That's that then.  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A video: about touching exhibits in museums

This scene from How I Met Your Mother was on my mind when I was editing my post today, so here it is for you to enjoy.

I don't have any rights to this video, so if it disappears on you, it might be a good idea to search it on You Tube or better yet, buy the box set and discover the magical and mystical story of how a silly 30 something met the love of his life.

A Choice

You guessed my answer would be Library, didn't you? If I had to go with my first instinct I think I would go with Library too.  However, when I started to think more about it, I wasn't so sure.  

I like the idea of living in a Museum and I have to say that when everyone went home I would be touching the exhibits!  There would be history, science, inventions, travelling exhibitions, school tours, art and constant learning.  Imagine all the different people I would meet.  All kinds of people visit museums - especially the world famous museums - people come from all over the world.  I wonder if I could choose the museum in which I was forced to live? 

Living in a zoo could be fun, like having lots of pets!  There would be lots of visitors to the zoo as well.  I could play with the monkeys, feed the birds and help with the tours.  I would be able to watch the birth of baby animals and be part of their growth.  I could teach the animals tricks.  How different are chimps to teenagers anyway? 

At the end of the day, I would probably still go with the Library.  
I love books and I would be able to live in a house of books! I could read to my heart's content and there are always new books being written and the Library would be restocked regularly.  It would be like a never ending supply of stories, facts, ideas and adventures.  There would be plenty of people for me to meet too, not just the characters in the books, but all the lovely people who visit the library.  I can safely say that most visitors to the Library are like-minded people.  

When I was 14, I spent most afternoons - after school- at our local library. I completed homework, researched assignments, read copiously and contemplated life in quiet, air conditioned comfort.  The librarians knew me and would recommend books for me to read.  I explored every section from the encyclopedias to the picture books, the romance novels to the biographies.  At school, I loved to go to the library- I read and I met friends there.  What am I saying?  There was never any real question about where I would choose to spend my life.  In a way, I already decided when I was 14.  

If I was forced to spend the rest of my life in a Library, a Zoo or a Museum, I would live in a Library, for sure!! 

Feel free to leave your choice to the Question, in the comments.  


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More Decluttering

Last week, new carpet was laid in my bedroom.  I had to move everything out. In the process of putting everything back, I decided to do a clean up and clean out. Several items of clothing have been folded and bagged for a trip to Lifeline. Some books were boxed up ready for my dream library, while others were boxed up for donation to the school library or Lifeline.  It feels good to be set up in my bedroom with less STUFF - not to mention how great the carpet looks.  =)  I also came across quite a lot of small change: I'm rich! 

Today, HE came over and helped me sort out my study/ home office.  There were several large boxes full of old student workbooks, plastic crates of old teacher resources (some stuff was older than me), home wares I don't use, books, books and more books, games, a truckload of stationery and handbags.  A pile of stuff will go to charity and about 10 boxes of stuff will go to the local dump.  

I feel so relieved!  I feel lighter, even.  There is so much space in my study now!  

HE was an absolute Super Star!! HE carried, fetched, stacked, sorted and helped me decide what I really needed to keep and what I really needed to let go.  HE is legen-wait for it-dary!  HE even loaded all the trash into his ute and will drive it to the tip in the morning.  HE is my HERO! 

There are more books, games and papers to sort through, but it is a small amount that I will manage easily on my own.  Not only that, I have empty crates and shelf space (cleared out today) so that when I sort the rest of the stuff, I will have somewhere to put the items I decide to keep.  

My sentence for today is actually a question... a question I asked myself several times today.  Do I really need this?  

I also came across some great craft materials and paints today.  We are going to have a great time at my next Art Day with the kids!  =D 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pins become reality.. or do they?

My Pinterest followers may have noticed that I pinned a lot of photos of nail art this morning.  If you are really smart, you probably worked out that I went to get a manicure today and I wanted a picture to show my nail technician.  
Check out my style board on Pinterest to see the designs that I pinned and visit the websites that are linked to find out how you can recreate the designs or use them for inspiration.   

I decided on a variation of the design pictured below.  

Sentence A Day: I have come to the conclusion that I need to work on explaining myself.  There have been a number of occasions recently, when I asked for something and did not get it.  I said please and thank you but I didn't describe what I wanted and I got something different.  Does the realisation that I need to describe what I want more thoroughly/ simply, count as personal growth?  I'm going with yes.  

Monday, January 12, 2015

An eventful weekend

Saturday was busy and long.  There were children everywhere. 

Suttons Beach Park, Suttons Beach RedcliffeWe had a lovely time at the park.  There was a gazebo where we could sit to eat our afternoon tea.  The playground equipment included a swinging cross patch hoop, a climbing wall with slide, tunnel slide, steps, rope web for climbing, see saw and spinner.  The kids had a blast.  

Ms K - she is 2 years old - asked me to paint her face.  I obliged and then let her paint my face.  As there were several little ones there at the time, they all grabbed a face paint crayon and before long I was covered from head to toe with some beautiful artwork. My sister and her facebook friends thought the ensuing photos were great.  

Sunday was also busy.  I went to church with HIM.  We turned quite a few heads and there was quite a bit of whispering.  A few of the lovely older ladies who are not at all backward in coming forward shook hands and gave hugs and told me they were very happy.  

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Good Writers Agree (#10)

I am trolling my Pinterest Words board in search of quotes to turn into posters for my new classroom.  Vistaprint has a special on for their 'valued customers'.  

I came upon this quote from Ray Bradbury.  I think it wraps up the Sentence a Day philosophy so I decided to share it with you. 

Ray Bradbury

Therefore we might just stumble upon something truly entertaining this year.  I can't wait! 

By the way: today I'm spending the day with HIM and HIS kids!  There are 5 of them and they are.. loud.  I wonder if I can wrap up a day with THEM in one sentence?  We will find out tomorrow.

Friday, January 9, 2015

#8 & #9 I have to CONFESS

I have a confession to make that may shock you.  It may lead you to finally give up on reading my well titled blog, or it may raise your already lofty opinion of me to the point of unhealthy admiration.

If you are concerned that my confession might change our 'relationship' to the point of no return this is the time to quite reading for today and pop back tomorrow for another attempt to write a single sentence.  Don't scroll down if you fear new journeys and don't want to learn something new about me.  Just click on the little 'x' and move on.

Still here?  Still reading? Ok, I suppose I better get to it.  I will come clean, here it is.

I must confess: I am a fan of science fiction television. 

That's right people.  Stargate is my favourite series - SG1 and Atlantis.  I haven't really watched enough episodes of Stargate: Universe yet to make a judgement, but I'm sure I will like it when I get to that.  I enjoy a good episode of Star Trek (original, next generation, voyager, all the different series) as well.  Firefly is a great series too.

I admit it.  I like the suspended reality of science fiction.  I like that anything is possible - time travel, space ships, resurrections, life spans extended with stasis pods, wormholes, unlikely friendships, miraculous healing, dreams, virtual realities, strange languages, robots, artificial intelligence, unknown chemicals, alternative energy weapons, holograms, mysterious events, alien species, multiple universes, dimension shifts, energy sources, legends, intelligent and strong women who command planets and subdue great warriors, problem solving, challenges and difficult decisions.  I know it isn't real.  I know it is just television.  But, sometimes, it's a nice way to escape from my reality, for just a little while.  

I will no longer hide it. I love Science Fiction!!

That's Friday

Thursday, January 8, 2015

#5 & #6 Who said I had to post these in order?

I didn't mention in my post yesterday that Dad went to hospital on Saturday night.  Hence, I lost the ability to count.  

On Sunday, I met HIS mother and step-father and HIS grandparents.  They loved me!  Apparently, "I'm a very nice girl!"  HE tells me that, this is the highest possible praise. =D 

On Tuesday, I sat at Dad's bedside - like I have many times before - and thought about the sentence a day.  I must have begun almost 100 sentences in those few hours.  Dad slept while I shifted in my seat and tried to describe my surroundings.  I couldn't finish a sentence to my satisfaction.  

The idea of writing only one sentence a day is more of a challenge than I thought.  Not because I can't write something everyday - although clearly that has been difficult this week - but, because one sentence is a bit limiting at times.  I know it shouldn't be hard and it doesn't really matter if I write more than a sentence.  But wouldn't I be clever if I could communicate in single sentences:   one idea at a time.  I would be succinct.   

Cest la vie

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#7 The first week of the year

So far this year:

1. I met HIS kids and HIS mother. B-]

2. I went on a road trip with HIM. :-S

3. HE moved in with my sister and bro-in-law and their 8 kids. :/

4. Nanny went home. :(

5. My nephew- in -law (that probably isn't the right definition, but it works) proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes. :)

6. Kid #3 turned 10. :-D

7. I bought two bras with wire in them! You might not think that is significant, but I haven't done that in at least 5 years! :-O

That was only the first week of 2015.  This year is going to be BIG!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

More about the Bucket List

Today's sentence isn't technically a sentence.  It's a list. I'm going to count it as a sentence, even though it will break all the rules that I teach my students about writing good sentences.  

After yesterday's sentence, I decided I should have a bucket list which meant writing one. Unfortunately, this means that yesterday's sentence will become obsolete as a result of today's list. That has to be a metaphor for something.  

My Bucket List

1. Go to Disneyland - with my mother.

2. Travel and tour libraries, arts galleries and museums where I go.  

3. Improve Teacher Education - somehow.  

4. Raise money for improving education facilities in the developing world.  

5. Get Lost and Found in a Hedge Maze (like the one in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but without all the scary magical obstacles). 

6. Learn Auslan - Australian Sign Language. 

7. Learn greetings in at least 20 different languages.

8. Attend the BFF's Wedding - unfortunately, I have no control over this one. 

9. Learn how to make 10 different balloon animals  

10. Visit (spend at least two nights in) the capital cities of Australia. 

11. Have one room in my house dedicated to books, where the walls are lined with bookshelves and there are big comfortable chairs in the center of the room for reading and contemplation.  

12. Build a Snowman.

13. Tell Grandma that I'm Happy! 

14. De-clutter. 

15. Marry Him.  

That's that then.  

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sentence #3 Kicking It

Today, I'm responding to the prompt for 3 January in the Daily Prompt Ebook (available here FREE).  If Blogger had such a thing, I would use it.  Maybe it does, but I can't find it.  
That was three sentences, surely that means I'm done.  LOL 

The Prompt: What is the 11th item on your bucket list? 

The Sentence: 

I don't have a bucket list.  

Recently I used the term "Bucket List" in conversation and the person I was speaking with looked at me quizzically and said, "what's that?"  I was shocked.  How could there be an intelligent person walking around out there who didn't know what a Bucket List was?  It was INCONCEIVABLE! I don't have a bucket list - so I can understand not having a bucket list -but at least I know what it is.  

Just in case you don't know, check out Miriam-Webster's definition

Wiki-how has instructions for creating your own bucket list.

I'm so helpful.  :D

Friday, January 2, 2015

A Sentence a Day: GO!

I only missed out on entering my one sentence into the blogosphere yesterday because it was one of those crazy days that went longer than a day is supposed to and I was really sleepy.  Also, I left my glasses at my sister's house and everything looks fuzzy.

My sentence from yesterday...

Children will not sit still while you tickle them with a brush covered in coloured goo; therefore face painting is a task for those few people who still believe in magic.

My sentence for today...

Reading glasses, toilet paper, pillows and chocolate are all things one can live without, but life is certainly much more comfortable when you have them.

Your's in Fuzziness