Friday, November 24, 2017

So Much to Say...

Too much to say!

So much to do.

Too much to do!

So little time.  

Too little time!

Late. Very late!

The end is near.  It's coming.

Too soon!

I'm okay.  No time to explain!

Until next week.... 

Friday, November 17, 2017

What is CASEing Anyway?

Hi everyone,
Late again... for good reason.  I was spending time with my uncle this week.  Family comes first.

A few weeks ago, when I shared my latest cards with you (Check it out here), I mentioned that I had CASEd a card.  I promised that I would explain, so here I am, ready to fill you in.  CASE stands for Copy And Share Everything.  CASEing is when you see a card (or a photo of a card) and you use it to inspire your own creations.  The important part of this is that you acknowledge the original card creator.  If you publish your card on a blog or in a video, link to the original card.  Share the love as well as the ideas.  If you want to watch how a stamping expert CASEs a card, check out this video by Catherine Pooler and check out her blog post here.

When CASEing, you can copy anything about a card, copy most of it or just one element.  Change it up using whatever you already have in your stash.  Here are some cards that I have CASEd recently.

My Birthday KISS cards based on some Thank you KISS cards made by Catherine Pooler.  Click here to see her blog post and video.

Catherine's Cards

I love these Birthday Cards...

This next set of cards was CASEd from a card I saw on Pinterest.  I LOVE Pinterest!

Pinterest Card from the Singing Scrapper (click to see her blog)

I made a set of these that I am planning to give as a gift set.

Christmas is coming.... School is nearly finished for the year.  It's a busy time.  Take some time to breathe and look after yourself.  Relax.  

See ya next week... 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Got to be Kitten Me Right Meow

Meowm is doing a terrible job of keeping up around here lately, so I decided to pounce in!

Here are some photos of me...

I'm sooo beautiful!

Okay, hoomans, you're done... see ya later.

Kitties... I know you're out there.  The rest of this post is for you! Meow, meow meeeow... No I'm not translating for the humans.

I want to tell you about the meowst pawsome puurrblication for cats!    It's called Pussweek and it's meowgic!  In fact, I just supuurrvised while Meowm ordered issue #5.  It's FUR kitties BY kitties.

You gotta check it out. Right Meow!

Just in case you need more convincing.  There are some very important issues that are covered in this magazine including types of litter, scratching posts, the addictive propawties of catnip and that's just issue one!  There are stories from real life everyday cats and the latest issue has some tuna-tastic articles about famous cats around the world.

Of course, I know there are some of you hoomans still reading this... because you silly pawple just can't follow directions.  If you are, now you know what to get your kitties for Christmas!  There are some great gift packs available in the Puss Week store, just in time for Cat Prezzie day.

While you're there, you can check out the other meowchandise available.  There are posters, collar pins, stickers and more.  These are just a few of my favourite collar pins that you can buy in the store.

Now, click on one of the links and get shopping.  

Go on! 


Sunday, November 5, 2017


Apologies for the extra lateness of this week's post!  Would you believe that this week was even crazier than last week? Anyway, let's get to it.

I have been really enjoying playing with my stamps and cards and paper and stencils and spray bottle lately.  In fact, having all my card and craft stuff set up in the lounge room has made it so easy to just sit down at the table and play around in between everything else I have to do.  It's also easy to sit down and get inky INSTEAD of all the other things I have to do!  LOL.

Check out these cards!

 The Party Time card was created with some gold foil transfers I bought at the local dollar store.  This was a fun technique to try and I will use the rest of the transfers, but I'm not going to go crazy buying foil and other tools for foiling.

The Chevron 'Happy Birthday' card is one of my favourites!  I made this using a stencil that my aunty sent me.  I love it!!! I used two shades of blue ink and an ink blending tool to colour over the stencil and then I cut it to size and did some offset layering.  The "Happy Birthday" die was cut out on using Denim cardstock from Kaiser.  

The Frog Birthday Card was made using: Chit Chat stamp set from Lawn Fawn.  Hexagon dies, Frog stamp and green polka dot DSP all from Kaiser craft.  The rest of the card stock on this card was generic from a $2 store. 
There's Always a Reason to Smile was one of my attempts at making a batch of KISS cards (Keep It Simple Stamper), using a variation on one of Catherine Pooler's KISS cards.  It did not go nearly as well as things do in her videos.  I make a lot more mistakes than she does! Click here to check out her blog post and video.  You could say I CASE'd this card.  More on CASE'ing another day.  The DSP is another of my favourites from Kaiser craft.  See below for the other two cards that I made in that batch.  I love how versatile this layout is and how easy it is to adapt.  

Pink Balloon 80th card: This next card is extra special. It was a request from a co-worker.  Her Mum turned 80 and she asked me to make the card.  She also paid me! This is the first time that someone (other than Nanny) has paid me for one of my cards. Excited Much! This was a variation on some of the other balloon cards I have made before.  I decided to make two clusters of balloons this time and I really like how it turned out.

The card above right, Celebrate, is a card I made for an extra birthday card to have on hand.  I used two different sized circle punches, some designer series paper with birds.  I just lined up the circles with the birds on the paper - well almost.  I'm happy for a first attempt! 

 Can you tell I love butterflies? The hello die was a gift from my aunty and it looks great in any colour!  The Baby Girl card was made for a colleague at work who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl more than a month ago.  The Butterfly Hello card was my first attempt at inlaid die cutting.  It isn't exactly how it might look in all the tutorials, but it is my spin on it.  I like how clean and simple this card is and how cheerful it looks.  I made it for a different aunty.  She loves gardening and is such a gentle soul.  I had to use this patterned paper to make something for her.

Now for some THANK YOU cards.  I think I have made more thank you cards than birthday cards!! I love to show my appreciation for people and I love making cards for this purpose.

The first card below, Black Cat Thank You Tag card, was made for a friend of mine who kitty sat Shelly over a weekend or two.  I went away two weekends in a row and one of my former students, now a 23 year old, came over to feed and play with Shelly everyday I was away.  She also scooped a bit of poop, so she definitely deserved a card! Shelly left a note inside as well.

Now for the most important card this month.  One of my aunties shares my love of paper crafting and stamping.  She has hundreds of stamps, dies, stencils and all manner of craft supplies.  Over the past few months she has been clearing out her stash and trying to pare back a bit.  So, she has been sending me all sorts of goodies... like stencils, stamps, dies, stickers and stamped images.  She has also taught me so much simply by giving me feedback on my card photos that I send her, sharing links and project guides with me and telling me about YouTube channels to watch.  I have really grown as a crafter and stamper in the past four or five months and all because of her.  So, I decided it was time that I use some of the lovely stamps and dies she has sent me to make her a card.  I used some techniques she showed me too.  The best part was that she wasn't expecting it and she was really impressed with it.  (Insert Giant Grin here!)  If you are wondering, the flower and leaves matching stamps and dies, were a Free Gift in the September Simply Cards magazine.  My aunty bought a copy of it and her daughter bought it too, so they sent one to me! I'm so lucky!

I have made a few other cards this month, but I think you have probably had enough?  I know I have.  You might get to see them another time. By the way, I do my best to acknowledge the designers of stamps, dies and other products that I use when making my cards.  However, much of my stash has been acquired over time, from others giving away things they no longer use, or purchasing from discount stores.  I don't have a lot of money and I try to stretch my crafting dollars as far as possible.  No apologies for that!  My point is, that if I don't know where it came from, I can't tell you.  

We are heading towards Christmas.  Yes, I have started shopping and making cards!  Work is super busy with no sign of letting up.  I have no idea what next week will bring. So, we will all be surprised together! Hopefully, I will finally get to post on time.  

Stay Cool!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

One Day Late...

Okay, so it's Saturday.  I have been a busy lady. I wanted this post to be so much more, then I decided that if waited any longer to find the time I need to make this perfect, it would be next week before I got it done.  The plan was, to show you some of the cards I have been making lately.  There have been quite a lot.

What have I been doing? Wednesday was our school's Parent/Teacher Interview Evening.  I was unable to attend for various reasons.  This meant that I had to contact the parents of the students in my class and offer them the opportunity for a 10-20 minutes phone call regarding the academic progress, behaviour and effort in my class.  This is sometimes a nice chat about a great student.  Unfortunately, I have found that most of the nice kids have nice parents and they know you are a busy person and as long as things are going okay, they don't want to waste your time.  The parents of the children who are not very nice OR are struggling fall into two categories.
1. They know their kid struggles and they don't want you to tell them again so they don't even respond to your messages.
2. They know their kid struggles and even though they have been to every interview every year and asked the same questions they still want you to meet with them.  They still want you to fix their child.  They want you to give them a different answer.

Parent Teacher Interviews are exhausting.  I'm sure it is difficult for the parents too.  I don't know, as I am not a parent.  I just know that I feel tired after.  Sometimes it's a good reason that I'm tired, like I have been excited to talk to a parent who truly cares for their child, doesn't make excuses, respects me and my colleagues, wants to work with me and has my back.

I think I'm exhausted because talking to a virtual stranger: tell them what can sometimes be the hard truth about their child, gain their respect, advise them on educational issues, listen to their stories about siblings and work and how hard life is, then remind them that you are here to see their child succeed. That's hard... it takes effort, restraint, a sense of humour, tolerance, patience and kindness.  It takes a lot of thought and energy.

So, if you are friends with a teacher, and they tell you it's Parent/ Teacher night, Hug them.  Cook them dinner.  Give them space.  Let them have a nap.  Forgive them if they don't want to go out and party.  Cut them some slack.  I know you did that during Report Card season, and Beginning of the Year season too.... but, you know what.... just be nice to your Teacher Friends ALL THE TIME!  They need it.  They deserve it!  They will love you for it!

Happy Teachers Day
for yesterday, everyone!!! 

Next Week: I promise there will be cards.