Friday, November 15, 2013

When M's away, we will Partay!

M’s having a nap; Shelly and I are having a partay!!
While M’s away the kitty will play.  We have been having a blast browsing on the internet and catching up with all of Shelly’s kitty friends.  As you can see


M said I could blog as long as I showed everyone a Shelly favourite.  The toy I’m going to show you today is actually one of my favourites too.  I don’t play with it, I just watch M and Shelly play with it and find the whole performance rather entertaining.  It intrigues me to watch Shelly playing with what must be one of her most loved toys and having such a marvellous time.  She is mesmerised by this handmade toy (M made it) and, to be honest, she goes a little nutty for it.  Have you even seen a cat hide behind furniture, dive under coffee tables, dance around in circles, run through people’s legs then freeze like a statue before pouncing on a PIECE OF STRING?! 
I have, and I will tell you it is hilarious. 

Actually, the first time it is hilarious, but after that it is kind of peculiar.  It is especially perplexing when one realises that Shelly must know that it is simply a piece of string.  Shelly is rather bright so she must have figured out that M is just dangling it in front of her, flicking it around, hanging it from door handles, or just holding it and twitching every now and then.  Sometimes she drags it behind her as she races through the house with Shelly in hot pursuit.  Sometimes, she’s  just carrying it from one room to another when Shelly begins stalking her and attacks the string when M has finally dropped it in the toy box.  I love Shelly very much.  I wouldn’t let just anyone walk all over me like she does (literally), but she can be a tad eccentric at times.  I just don’t get it!  I realise M made it for her and they love each other and stuff.  I get that Shelly is still really a kitten.  But, it’s a piece of string.  Is she serious?

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.  M said I had to tell you that she used two types of wool.  One was a multi-coloured knitting wool and the other was a plain tanned wool.  She just tied a bunch of strands together and plaited them before tying it up with another piece of string.  She plaited the coloured one first then the tanned one.  It was as ‘simple’ as tying the two plaited pieces together and that was that.  

M calls it “the tail” because she thinks that when it is lying on the floor and gets pulled around a corner the tanned plait end looks like a lion’s tail twitching as the lion sleeps.  I think I’m starting to see why Shelly and M get on so well. 

Seriously people. It’s a piece of string. 


Sunday, November 10, 2013

How the World Works

We interrupt the series on Shelly's Favourite Things to bring you this important message: 

ASHTON KUCHER has said something intelligent and inspiring to today's teenagers and we need to spread the word.  I was surprised too!  It isn't just the teens who need to see this.  Sometimes we all need a reminder of these ideas:

Opportunity Looks Like Hard Work

There is NO job you are better than.  There is NO job beneath you... except not having one.  

"SEXY" is not about looking good. "SEXY" is about being Smart, Thoughtful and Generous.

Don't just LIVE a LIFE... BUILD a LIFE! 

Free Technology for Teachers: Another Ashton Kutcher Video That Students Should ...: Back in August Ashton Kutcher delivered an important message to teens at the Teen Choice Awards. His message....

Click the link above and check out the two videos.  If you have the opportunity and the influence to tell the truth... then you should tell it.  I had to share this, because it is a rare treat for someone famous to put aside the image and tell our young people that the world is not what it seems.  This is a wake up call.  This is an honest statement.  No one gets rich or famous or happy from sitting at home with their feet up (I know, because I'm at home with my feet up)! 

I hope this makes you smile.  I hope it reminds you to forget about the mirror and pick up a book.  I hope your creativity is energised and you are able to build something special.  I hope you see the opportunity in the work and the substance behind the hype and the potential in your future.  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Rellies are Round: Hagrid Update

Hi Y'all
Hagrid here. 
I just wanted to let you all know that my cousins are back in town.  One or two Aunts and Uncles tagged along as well.  This makes life a little more hectic than usual.  In between consoling cuddles for M (it's term 4 and she's a bit of a mess), playing with Shelly and keeping the kids in line, catching up with the Rellies (distant relatives, in case you were wondering) is a challenge.  

We managed to squeeze in a quick "Hello" visit this morning and M stopped crying long enough to take a lovely photo of the rascals who had all just jumped into a box.  They were still fighting over who got to be on top when M said she wasn't waiting any longer and snapped this pic.  

One thing I have learned since living with M...

It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, a day with the relatives will always be noisy!

Love and Hugs