Sunday, February 26, 2012

At the end of the day

My lack of writing and abundance of writer's block has prompted quite a train of thought recently.  I have contemplated giving up.  I have considered using more writing prompts.  I tinkered with the format.  I sketched a new blog space/ page/ theme.  I wondered about my purpose, my ability and my readership.  I talked to friends and I listened.  I remembered something my boss said earlier this year.  He said, "do what comes naturally." 

My boss was talking about teaching and administration in my job.  He was speaking to all the staff at my school.  He used a great illustration involving a dog and this has resulted in a saying about the place... "be the dog" and I often say to him... "I'm being the dog!"  I have found that as a result, I have become a much more relaxed teacher and I see my students responding differently to me.  I have decided that it is because I am relaxed. 

What on earth does all this mean? 

At the end of the day, I am going to write what I want, when I want, how I want.  Maybe it is not the best writing in the world.  Some posts will be excellent, some will be terrible.  There will be grammatical errors some days, and I might slip up on the spelling now and then.  Typos will certainly be present.  But that's okay, because I'm being the dog. 

This reminds me of something another wise friend once said to me... and it might not sound all that profound, but to me it was incredibly liberating.  In response to every sadness, fault, diappointment or irritating situation, he said "and that's okay."  I am not perfect... and that's okay.  They have taken that responsibility from me, and that's okay.  She isn't talking to me, and that's okay.  He won't do that, and that's okay. 

So, at the end of the day... it's okay.  Everything is okay.  I'm going to write when it comes naturally. 

Sometimes we all need to stop, look and listen.  Then we need to say, "that's okay" and be the dog.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blog Blocked?!

I am having a great deal of difficulty writing of late.  Whether my excuses relate to time constraints, tiredness, busyness, pain or brain strain it all ends in the same place.  I am struggling to write.  I am struggling to blog.  Coherent conversation is beyond me and I'm not really sure why. 

School is very busy.  The family, as always, is demanding.  Altough I have to admit that I am more willing to at least try to meet their demands.  Sometimes it is difficult to choose the best path or priority because I don't want anything or anyone to suffer (especially me!).  This may seem to be rambling.... I guess it is.  

My point: I'm busy with work and the family, although not as busy as some, and therefore my blog is suffering.  I guess my readers will move on with their lives.  No one really depends on my words.  The end of busy may not be in sight, but I remain hopeful.  I will be back on the blog, with great fervour, before long. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Art and Craft with the kids

Over the summer holidays I spent a large amount of my time drawing, painting and making things.  I spent even larger amount of time on Pinterest dreaming about the things I was going to draw, paint and make!  You can follow me on Pinterest if you scroll down and press the button on the right sidebar.  Here are a few photos of the very fun stuff that we did. 

First: a crocodile.  Number 3 and I made this from some cardboard (an insert from a set of sheets I bought).  We painted the inside red and the outside green, using cotton balls and watered down paint.  Number 3 asked for a brush, but I didn't have any.  His mum and I have noticed that #3 does not "take risks" (except the kind that make his mum crazy) when making or creating.  He shies away from experimenting and thinking outside the box.  So I thought by limiting his resources he might start to think about how he can problem solve.  Anyway... we used paper plates and cut them into "pointy" shapes for teeth.  The eyes are "googlie" eyes glued into the middle of small foil cups.  We used cupcake papers for the eyes to begin with, but the googlie eyes were too heavy for the paper to stay up.  I can't remember his name!!!

This is a wooden M that #1 and I decorated for me to hang on my bedroom door.  It still hasn't been hung!  I bought the pre-cut wooden letter at Lincraft.  #1 and I raced each other to see who could paint their area the fastest.  I think he won.  We did a second coat in white.  We used buttons and ribbon to decorate and #1 had a grand time mixing the paint.  He stumbled upon a beautful deep purple colour that matched the purple on my doona cover, so he used that to write my name (well, it's what the kids call me).

Gotta luv it! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

At the Park

On the holidays, I had four of my nephews over to my place for some quality time with me.  Three of them stayed the night.  One chickened out and went back to Grandma's: he was having a rough time of it, his parents were away for a week and it was the longest time he has spent away from them. 
Anyway, when "number 3" came over we walked to the park that is about a 5 minute walk from my place.  He complained of tired legs.  He is 6 and I am telling you now he has so much more energy than me, I didn't quite believe him.  When we arrived, he played on the see saw (which hurt my ribs) and went on the swings.  His absolute favourite thing to play on was the "flying fox" and I took lots of pictures.  Before heading home, we sat on the play equipment for a snack (water and freddo frogs).  Number 3 said, "I wish I could stay longer at your house."  My heart just melted... what a cutie.  We were only home for a few minutes before the rest of the family came to pick him up.  What a hullabaloo.  :D

I had fun and if cost me nothing but time.   


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February: the fun of family and friends

I have decided to dedicate February here at A Great Title to my friends and family.  I had an awesome summer holiday with my nephews and enjoyed a bit of silliness with the BFF, so I have lots ot share about that.  This month there are a number of birthdays in the family and I have been keeping a few anecdotes about family antics up my sleeve.  So, that's that then!

By the way, technology is driving me a little nuts lately.  My internet was not working, or when it was I could only access certain sites.  The network at school has been playing "not nice" and the school provided laptops have been crashing on a regular basis.  This is my excuse for the lack of blogging.  I plan to do some catching up soon.  Stay tuned.


Friday, February 3, 2012


Today my story comes from two sources.  Creative Writing Prompts number 161 and Writing  Fix. The story must begin with "They had nothing to say to each other." The Writing Fix had an interesting picture, which I have copied below.
They had nothing to say to each other.  It was over a long time ago and yet neither of them could make themselves leave.  She sat down at the piano and rested her fingers gently upon the keys.  It all came rushing back to her.  The anger and the sadness weighed upon her chest.  She could feel his eyes fixed on her hands.  She could hear him breathing and feel his presence move closer towards her.  She suddenly felt very tired.  The fear that she had been suppressing coursed through her veins and spurred her on.  Each finger landed on it's place and slowly began to step across the keys.  Gathering strength, her trembling fingers found the rhythm and danced ever more swiftly.  The melody flowed through her and echoed from the piano.  Her eyes closed, her head tilted upward and the harmony of her dancing digits sang sweetly as she gave herself over to it.  The music had drawn him to her.  She had played for him. 

The joy of the music filled her once more, covering the fear and sadness.  She smiled and bent her head down toward the keys.  He loved her music.  He loved the joy in her eyes when she played.  He loved her.  The notes rang out and the keys depressed under her seemingly possessed fingers as they crept across the ivory.  Her foot tapped and her heart skipped.  Suddenly, the music stopped.  Her eyes opened to see frozen fingers laying limp in her lap.  Remembering why she had escaped to her haven, she turned toward the door.  It was ajar.  He was gone. 

She shook her head and smiled.  They had nothing to say to each other.