Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blog Blocked?!

I am having a great deal of difficulty writing of late.  Whether my excuses relate to time constraints, tiredness, busyness, pain or brain strain it all ends in the same place.  I am struggling to write.  I am struggling to blog.  Coherent conversation is beyond me and I'm not really sure why. 

School is very busy.  The family, as always, is demanding.  Altough I have to admit that I am more willing to at least try to meet their demands.  Sometimes it is difficult to choose the best path or priority because I don't want anything or anyone to suffer (especially me!).  This may seem to be rambling.... I guess it is.  

My point: I'm busy with work and the family, although not as busy as some, and therefore my blog is suffering.  I guess my readers will move on with their lives.  No one really depends on my words.  The end of busy may not be in sight, but I remain hopeful.  I will be back on the blog, with great fervour, before long.