Friday, February 10, 2012

Art and Craft with the kids

Over the summer holidays I spent a large amount of my time drawing, painting and making things.  I spent even larger amount of time on Pinterest dreaming about the things I was going to draw, paint and make!  You can follow me on Pinterest if you scroll down and press the button on the right sidebar.  Here are a few photos of the very fun stuff that we did. 

First: a crocodile.  Number 3 and I made this from some cardboard (an insert from a set of sheets I bought).  We painted the inside red and the outside green, using cotton balls and watered down paint.  Number 3 asked for a brush, but I didn't have any.  His mum and I have noticed that #3 does not "take risks" (except the kind that make his mum crazy) when making or creating.  He shies away from experimenting and thinking outside the box.  So I thought by limiting his resources he might start to think about how he can problem solve.  Anyway... we used paper plates and cut them into "pointy" shapes for teeth.  The eyes are "googlie" eyes glued into the middle of small foil cups.  We used cupcake papers for the eyes to begin with, but the googlie eyes were too heavy for the paper to stay up.  I can't remember his name!!!

This is a wooden M that #1 and I decorated for me to hang on my bedroom door.  It still hasn't been hung!  I bought the pre-cut wooden letter at Lincraft.  #1 and I raced each other to see who could paint their area the fastest.  I think he won.  We did a second coat in white.  We used buttons and ribbon to decorate and #1 had a grand time mixing the paint.  He stumbled upon a beautful deep purple colour that matched the purple on my doona cover, so he used that to write my name (well, it's what the kids call me).

Gotta luv it! :)

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