Thursday, February 9, 2012

At the Park

On the holidays, I had four of my nephews over to my place for some quality time with me.  Three of them stayed the night.  One chickened out and went back to Grandma's: he was having a rough time of it, his parents were away for a week and it was the longest time he has spent away from them. 
Anyway, when "number 3" came over we walked to the park that is about a 5 minute walk from my place.  He complained of tired legs.  He is 6 and I am telling you now he has so much more energy than me, I didn't quite believe him.  When we arrived, he played on the see saw (which hurt my ribs) and went on the swings.  His absolute favourite thing to play on was the "flying fox" and I took lots of pictures.  Before heading home, we sat on the play equipment for a snack (water and freddo frogs).  Number 3 said, "I wish I could stay longer at your house."  My heart just melted... what a cutie.  We were only home for a few minutes before the rest of the family came to pick him up.  What a hullabaloo.  :D

I had fun and if cost me nothing but time.   


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