Friday, February 3, 2012


Today my story comes from two sources.  Creative Writing Prompts number 161 and Writing  Fix. The story must begin with "They had nothing to say to each other." The Writing Fix had an interesting picture, which I have copied below.
They had nothing to say to each other.  It was over a long time ago and yet neither of them could make themselves leave.  She sat down at the piano and rested her fingers gently upon the keys.  It all came rushing back to her.  The anger and the sadness weighed upon her chest.  She could feel his eyes fixed on her hands.  She could hear him breathing and feel his presence move closer towards her.  She suddenly felt very tired.  The fear that she had been suppressing coursed through her veins and spurred her on.  Each finger landed on it's place and slowly began to step across the keys.  Gathering strength, her trembling fingers found the rhythm and danced ever more swiftly.  The melody flowed through her and echoed from the piano.  Her eyes closed, her head tilted upward and the harmony of her dancing digits sang sweetly as she gave herself over to it.  The music had drawn him to her.  She had played for him. 

The joy of the music filled her once more, covering the fear and sadness.  She smiled and bent her head down toward the keys.  He loved her music.  He loved the joy in her eyes when she played.  He loved her.  The notes rang out and the keys depressed under her seemingly possessed fingers as they crept across the ivory.  Her foot tapped and her heart skipped.  Suddenly, the music stopped.  Her eyes opened to see frozen fingers laying limp in her lap.  Remembering why she had escaped to her haven, she turned toward the door.  It was ajar.  He was gone. 

She shook her head and smiled.  They had nothing to say to each other.