Monday, January 30, 2012


Today the writing prompt comes from Meredith Sue Williams' webpage (exercise #4). 
You are in a waiting room (doctor's office, job interview, etc.). People are sitting more or less in a circle. Describe several of them -- focussing only on their feet! Type of shoes, cleanliness and condition of shoes, toes if they show, how they let their feet rest. Are they quiet or do the feet move? What can you tell about the person from the feet?

Black leather school shoes are divided by a large dark backpack.  Long grey socks grow from the soles of the shoes.  One shoe bounces repeatedly, up and down, up and down.  The long grey sock begins to scrunch up and slip toward the floor.  Beside the shined black leather school shoes, there is a pair of leather sandals.  The brown straps cross the petite feet again and again.  Ten painted toe nails, perfectly manicured, protrude from the designer beachwear.  One foot wriggles inside it's leather prision and a hand, with matching fingernails appears to adjust a strap.  

"Michael Dawson."

The black leather school shoe halts.  The sandalled feet spasm as their owner stands.  Four shoes step slowly towards the voice at the purple door.  A pair of brown loafers greet them and turn to lead them down the long white hall on the other side of the purple door. 

Back in the waiting room, a pair of red stilettos curl up under their chair, as an old pair of tennis shoes enter the room.  Two small, bare feet follow the tennis shoes.  Kicking out at strange angles the feet eventually settle as their owner climbs onto a lap.  The tiny toes scrunch and stretch at the end of the dangling limbs.  The red stillettos begin to bounce in turn.  Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. 

"Esther French." The red stillettos click towards the brown loafers.  Black leather school shoes and brown sandals block the way.  For a moment, all four pairs of schoes seem to freeze as if in a shop window.  Then all at once they part and the silence is lost in the hustle and bustle of the day.  An old grey tennis shoe begins to bounce.  

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