Saturday, January 28, 2012

The kids come first!

I was going to apologise for my resecnt absence from the blogosphere.  It has been more than a week since I have been around.  I did post this morning, but before that, it was a long time.  I decided last night while I was heading to bed, that I would explain my disappearing act but I would not apologise for it.  I have not been blogging because I have been working. 

School recommenced for us (Queensland schools) on Monday.  That means that my colleagues and I started attending profesional development sessions and curriculum planning meetings during the previous week.  Some of us even met in the first and second weeks in January to discuss strategic plans for our schools and programs to be launched this year.

Last week I got a bit snowed under with the preparation for the new school year, meetings and lesson planning.  Truth be told: I am still a bit snowed under.  I am yet to finish writing my year 9 unit that is supposed to commence next week!  Right after lunch I'm going to dive into unit planning.  Pinterest will be minimised! 
The kids are my first priority. It is important to me that my students have teachers who are informed and equipped to give them exactly what they need.  Thereforethe blog is sometimes left by the wayside. 

Don't worry, I will make it up to you.  The next few days will wrap up creative writing month and you will then have about 20-25 writing prompts/ websites and teaching ideas for writing in the classroom (if you are a teacher).  If you are a writer, I hope you will find inspiration.  If you are a reader, I hope you will have a month of entertaining reading... well somewhat entertaining.  Then February will be here before you know it! 
:) M