Sunday, November 10, 2013

How the World Works

We interrupt the series on Shelly's Favourite Things to bring you this important message: 

ASHTON KUCHER has said something intelligent and inspiring to today's teenagers and we need to spread the word.  I was surprised too!  It isn't just the teens who need to see this.  Sometimes we all need a reminder of these ideas:

Opportunity Looks Like Hard Work

There is NO job you are better than.  There is NO job beneath you... except not having one.  

"SEXY" is not about looking good. "SEXY" is about being Smart, Thoughtful and Generous.

Don't just LIVE a LIFE... BUILD a LIFE! 

Free Technology for Teachers: Another Ashton Kutcher Video That Students Should ...: Back in August Ashton Kutcher delivered an important message to teens at the Teen Choice Awards. His message....

Click the link above and check out the two videos.  If you have the opportunity and the influence to tell the truth... then you should tell it.  I had to share this, because it is a rare treat for someone famous to put aside the image and tell our young people that the world is not what it seems.  This is a wake up call.  This is an honest statement.  No one gets rich or famous or happy from sitting at home with their feet up (I know, because I'm at home with my feet up)! 

I hope this makes you smile.  I hope it reminds you to forget about the mirror and pick up a book.  I hope your creativity is energised and you are able to build something special.  I hope you see the opportunity in the work and the substance behind the hype and the potential in your future.  

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