Friday, January 9, 2015

#8 & #9 I have to CONFESS

I have a confession to make that may shock you.  It may lead you to finally give up on reading my well titled blog, or it may raise your already lofty opinion of me to the point of unhealthy admiration.

If you are concerned that my confession might change our 'relationship' to the point of no return this is the time to quite reading for today and pop back tomorrow for another attempt to write a single sentence.  Don't scroll down if you fear new journeys and don't want to learn something new about me.  Just click on the little 'x' and move on.

Still here?  Still reading? Ok, I suppose I better get to it.  I will come clean, here it is.

I must confess: I am a fan of science fiction television. 

That's right people.  Stargate is my favourite series - SG1 and Atlantis.  I haven't really watched enough episodes of Stargate: Universe yet to make a judgement, but I'm sure I will like it when I get to that.  I enjoy a good episode of Star Trek (original, next generation, voyager, all the different series) as well.  Firefly is a great series too.

I admit it.  I like the suspended reality of science fiction.  I like that anything is possible - time travel, space ships, resurrections, life spans extended with stasis pods, wormholes, unlikely friendships, miraculous healing, dreams, virtual realities, strange languages, robots, artificial intelligence, unknown chemicals, alternative energy weapons, holograms, mysterious events, alien species, multiple universes, dimension shifts, energy sources, legends, intelligent and strong women who command planets and subdue great warriors, problem solving, challenges and difficult decisions.  I know it isn't real.  I know it is just television.  But, sometimes, it's a nice way to escape from my reality, for just a little while.  

I will no longer hide it. I love Science Fiction!!

That's Friday