Thursday, January 8, 2015

#5 & #6 Who said I had to post these in order?

I didn't mention in my post yesterday that Dad went to hospital on Saturday night.  Hence, I lost the ability to count.  

On Sunday, I met HIS mother and step-father and HIS grandparents.  They loved me!  Apparently, "I'm a very nice girl!"  HE tells me that, this is the highest possible praise. =D 

On Tuesday, I sat at Dad's bedside - like I have many times before - and thought about the sentence a day.  I must have begun almost 100 sentences in those few hours.  Dad slept while I shifted in my seat and tried to describe my surroundings.  I couldn't finish a sentence to my satisfaction.  

The idea of writing only one sentence a day is more of a challenge than I thought.  Not because I can't write something everyday - although clearly that has been difficult this week - but, because one sentence is a bit limiting at times.  I know it shouldn't be hard and it doesn't really matter if I write more than a sentence.  But wouldn't I be clever if I could communicate in single sentences:   one idea at a time.  I would be succinct.   

Cest la vie

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