Monday, January 19, 2015

Shelly's little tantrum on Saturday and Sunday's Travels

Shelly decided that considering I went away and left her at home with the old people, there was no way she was going to help me by posting a sentence for me. 
You left me at home with the Grandparents! 


On Sunday I spent most of my time travelling and unpacking and tidying and grocery shopping.  By the time I had a chance to stop and post about my brilliant weekend I was too tired to type.  More Apologies. 

My weekend was Brilliant.  My family was delightfully welcoming to HIM and HIS family LOVES me. HIS Dad thinks I'm Awesome.  Clearly he is a very intelligent man because he came to this conclusion after only one meal with me.  

Today was less productive than I had hoped, but eventful none-the-less.  

The Sister and Brother (in law) arrived at my place after 10 this morning with their 8 children.  Yes, I said 8!  My Mother and Father were supposed to quickly and easily hook the camper van onto the back of the car and then they were heading off on a 4 day camping trip.  HA! 

It took 30 minutes for Bro, Dad and Mum to do the hooking up.  Sis and I tried to keep the 8 children cool and occupied (did I mention it was about 40C in the shade?) in between swapping the car seats over and changing nappies.  Mum was cranky and yelling at everyone!! Sis was just hot and irritable - she was snapping by the time everyone got in the car.  At 11:04, everything and everyone was strapped in, hooked up and ready to go.  They were only an hour and 4 minutes late.  I waved them good bye and came inside to collapse on my bed.  Phew... just watching that lot was exhausting! 

Tomorrow, I will tell you all about today and my first day back at school... thank goodness there won't be any kids there!! 

That's That Then!