Monday, January 12, 2015

An eventful weekend

Saturday was busy and long.  There were children everywhere. 

Suttons Beach Park, Suttons Beach RedcliffeWe had a lovely time at the park.  There was a gazebo where we could sit to eat our afternoon tea.  The playground equipment included a swinging cross patch hoop, a climbing wall with slide, tunnel slide, steps, rope web for climbing, see saw and spinner.  The kids had a blast.  

Ms K - she is 2 years old - asked me to paint her face.  I obliged and then let her paint my face.  As there were several little ones there at the time, they all grabbed a face paint crayon and before long I was covered from head to toe with some beautiful artwork. My sister and her facebook friends thought the ensuing photos were great.  

Sunday was also busy.  I went to church with HIM.  We turned quite a few heads and there was quite a bit of whispering.  A few of the lovely older ladies who are not at all backward in coming forward shook hands and gave hugs and told me they were very happy.