Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Choice

You guessed my answer would be Library, didn't you? If I had to go with my first instinct I think I would go with Library too.  However, when I started to think more about it, I wasn't so sure.  

I like the idea of living in a Museum and I have to say that when everyone went home I would be touching the exhibits!  There would be history, science, inventions, travelling exhibitions, school tours, art and constant learning.  Imagine all the different people I would meet.  All kinds of people visit museums - especially the world famous museums - people come from all over the world.  I wonder if I could choose the museum in which I was forced to live? 

Living in a zoo could be fun, like having lots of pets!  There would be lots of visitors to the zoo as well.  I could play with the monkeys, feed the birds and help with the tours.  I would be able to watch the birth of baby animals and be part of their growth.  I could teach the animals tricks.  How different are chimps to teenagers anyway? 

At the end of the day, I would probably still go with the Library.  
I love books and I would be able to live in a house of books! I could read to my heart's content and there are always new books being written and the Library would be restocked regularly.  It would be like a never ending supply of stories, facts, ideas and adventures.  There would be plenty of people for me to meet too, not just the characters in the books, but all the lovely people who visit the library.  I can safely say that most visitors to the Library are like-minded people.  

When I was 14, I spent most afternoons - after school- at our local library. I completed homework, researched assignments, read copiously and contemplated life in quiet, air conditioned comfort.  The librarians knew me and would recommend books for me to read.  I explored every section from the encyclopedias to the picture books, the romance novels to the biographies.  At school, I loved to go to the library- I read and I met friends there.  What am I saying?  There was never any real question about where I would choose to spend my life.  In a way, I already decided when I was 14.  

If I was forced to spend the rest of my life in a Library, a Zoo or a Museum, I would live in a Library, for sure!! 

Feel free to leave your choice to the Question, in the comments.  


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Stephanie said...

Library, obvs.... lol