Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More Decluttering

Last week, new carpet was laid in my bedroom.  I had to move everything out. In the process of putting everything back, I decided to do a clean up and clean out. Several items of clothing have been folded and bagged for a trip to Lifeline. Some books were boxed up ready for my dream library, while others were boxed up for donation to the school library or Lifeline.  It feels good to be set up in my bedroom with less STUFF - not to mention how great the carpet looks.  =)  I also came across quite a lot of small change: I'm rich! 

Today, HE came over and helped me sort out my study/ home office.  There were several large boxes full of old student workbooks, plastic crates of old teacher resources (some stuff was older than me), home wares I don't use, books, books and more books, games, a truckload of stationery and handbags.  A pile of stuff will go to charity and about 10 boxes of stuff will go to the local dump.  

I feel so relieved!  I feel lighter, even.  There is so much space in my study now!  

HE was an absolute Super Star!! HE carried, fetched, stacked, sorted and helped me decide what I really needed to keep and what I really needed to let go.  HE is legen-wait for it-dary!  HE even loaded all the trash into his ute and will drive it to the tip in the morning.  HE is my HERO! 

There are more books, games and papers to sort through, but it is a small amount that I will manage easily on my own.  Not only that, I have empty crates and shelf space (cleared out today) so that when I sort the rest of the stuff, I will have somewhere to put the items I decide to keep.  

My sentence for today is actually a question... a question I asked myself several times today.  Do I really need this?  

I also came across some great craft materials and paints today.  We are going to have a great time at my next Art Day with the kids!  =D