Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great Procrastination

Holidays seem to be a time of procrastination for me.  I start out with a lovely list of things to do and often finish my vacation with very few ticks on my list.  Some say that my list is far too ambitious and perhaps it is, however a large amount of my inactivity is due to procrastination. 

Yesterday, for instance, I spent the majority of the day procrastinating.  I had a lie down, played my timbrel and spent a long time on the internet.  That is the thing about the internet, it is one of the greatest tools of procrastination known to man.  I wonder what people did to procrastinate before they had the internet? 

I checked YouTube videos, then went to the related videos and watched them.  I checked emails and replied to them and checked them again later.  I blogged, then drafted another blog which I deleted because I didn't like it.  I watched a movie and spent a long time deciding whether I wanted to put on a TV series while I worked or listen to music.  I downloaded some more audio books for use on my phone, using the excuse that I will not possibly have the time to do this downloading when I return to school.  That is only half of my day there, I don't really remember what else I did.  How odd.  Apparently when one procrastinates, one also loses great big chunks of time, unable to account for it. 

I suppose this blog is an example of procrastination as well, considering I am supposed to be lesson planning. 

Cest la vie :)