Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One More Angel In Heaven

I don't know how to label this. 

I mentioned last week, that a good friend of mine passed away recently.  Until today I have struggled to talk about it or deal with it really, but this blog is going to be a cathartic conversation with cyberspace and then I can move on. 

My friend was a teacher and a student.  She was a christian; a beautiful woman who understood heartbreak and sorrow and motherhood and teenagers.  She was patient.  She was kind.  She supported her colleagues.  Her students came first.  She was a lady in every sense of the word.  She listened.  She prayed and trusted and rejoiced.  She smiled.  Her life was, in my opinion, too short. The family who survives her mourns for their daughter, sister, wife and mother.  Her colleagues mourn for their friend.  She was an example of faith and hope and love.  A child of the most high God.

He loved her.  He forgave her and blessed her and answered her prayers.  In His eyes, she was perfect.  In His eyes her life was exactly what it should have been.  In His eyes, it was exactly the number of days He intended.  She was His child and she is in His arms forever. 

Father God, thank you for my friend.