Monday, May 23, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Around 15 years ago I had this lovely little delusion that I was immune from a number of life's surprises and therefore I would be able to avoid a number of experiences.  I had this mental list of stuff that I would never do. This is an actual list of stuff I thought would never happen... but it did!

I never thought that I would:
  1. have a boyfriend
  2. get married
  3. be left for a younger woman
  4. divorce my husband before the age of 30 (or at all for that matter)
  5. be childless at the age of 25
  6. be a supply teacher
  7. be an high school teacher
  8. have 5 nephews and a niece
  9. watch my sister marry and get pregnant
  10. talk to strangers on the train 
  11. play in a band
  12. stop playing in a band
  13. teach someone how to play an instrument
  14. go to university
  15. finish university
  16. live with my BFF
  17. borrow money from my parents
  18. write and deliver the eulogy at my Grandfather's funeral
  19. go to a different church
  20. think that my teddy is alive
  21. miss a Kiah 
  22. let people sign my clothes
  23. be successful at anything
  24. spend more than $200 on a single pair of shoes
  25. write a blog!