Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Avoid... 2

Just in case there are a few of you out there who are actually trying to avoid housework... here is the list of how to do it.

1. Check your emails.  It could be urgent.
2. Power disk the latest box set of your favourite TV series.
3. Check your emails again, you never know what might have happened while you were watching tv.
4. Review your contacts book (in your email) and delete all those random addresses that you have only used once.
5. Then, check all the people in your contact list and send them all an email, just to remind them you have their email address.
6. Clean out your inbox, delete all those nasty emails that you didn't need to keep.
7. Clean out your hard drive, delete all the files, photos and downloads that you don't need.  Be ruthless.
8. Now go net surfing and download some new music, pdf files (for work) and add some websites to your favourites.  You need to fill up all that new space you have.
9. Have a snack, you have worked for hours on your computer, you really need a break.
10. Pile up all the books that you have been meaning to read and sort them in order of preference.  Then get started you have a lot to catch up on.  If you don't have any books that need to be finished, get yourself a couple of magazines.
11. Check your emails.
12. Call your best friend who moved to another state and check that she's okay.
13. Have a long, hot soothing, bath.
14. Pull out that work you brought home and get started on it.  Work is important after all.
15. Lastly, check your emails.