Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Avoid...

I am supposed to be planning for my imminent return for work.  Clearly I am not doing that well, because I am blogging instead of lesson planning!  So here's my list of avoiding work (of course, you could probably avoid practically anything if you tried).

1. Make you bed.  I mean, really make your bed, tuck in the sheets, smooth out the bed spread, arrange the pillows, rearrange the pillows.
2. Do the washing... wash everything!  Wash the sheets, towels, pillowcases, bathmat.  Fold everything very very carefully and put it all away.
3. Rearrange your wardrobe and drawers... alternatively you could plan your outfit for the next five days.
4. Do the dishes, wipe down the bench, and reorganise the cushions on the couch.
5. Check that the bed spread is smooth and reorganise the pillows.
6. Check the emails.
7. Watch a couple of videos on youtube.
8. Power disk an extra long TV series on DVD, making sure to watch the special features, commentaries and different languages.
9. Reorganise the couch cushions again.
10. Check emails again and blog about how to avoid doing work.
11. Power disk another TV series.
12. Pull out all the work stuff that you should have finished and arrange the readings into folders.
13. Check all the pens on your desk and throw away the ones that don't really work.
14. Buy new pens because you don't have any left.
15. While you are buying pens, stock up on post-its, notebooks, folders, glue and every other stationery item available.
16. Check your emails.
17. Cover all the notebooks that you bought and label the pens and other stationery products.  Make sure to change the tape in the label maker after every item so that they a colour coded.
18. Do the dishes.
19. Defragment your computer, dust the keyboard.
20. Arrange your pens, notebooks and folders in order of size before starting to work.
21. Realise that you have not yet had lunch and wonder into the kitchen to search for an old recipe book.
22. Go grocery shopping because there is "no food" in the house.
23. Have coffee at the local cafe because you are starving.
24. Come home to put the groceries away then clean out the pantry and refrigerator.  Reorganise the condiments and baking staples.
25. Pull out the label maker and get labelling... otherwise the house mate won't be able to find her muffin mix.
26. Clean your glasses.
27. Vacuum.
28. Empty all the rubbish bins.
29. Check your emails.
30. Blog about how you never get anything done!

As you might have guessed, my room is exceptionally tidy, my couch cushions are perfect, my bed is made and my emails are up to date. ;)