Monday, April 25, 2011

Thinking Dash

I don't know how it came to mind, probably something random, but I got thinking about the dash today.  In case you are not following, I am talking about the dash on your tombstone, the one between your date of birth and your date of death.  Is that what you call it, date of death?

More to the point, I have been thinking about my dash.   What will it represent to other people?  What will my family see when they see my dash?  What will my friends and colleagues see?  What will the rest of the world see?  I have recently been evaluating things in my life (this is what happens when one does not work for 6 months) and have made changes too.  Most of these changes have been related to my attitude.  It is very different to the one I had this time last year.  I don't really mind what other people think any more.  I am not worried quite so much about the impression I make.  You may think I am contradicting myself.  But I'm not.  You see, my day to day stuff, like what I wear and eat and how I do my hair is not a big deal. My life choices are my own.  However, I believe there are some things we do that have a huge impact on others.  Those things are the ones that concern me.  I want my impact to be positive.

That is all I have to say about that at the moment... but I'm very sure I will feel the need to say more at some point or other.  Therefore you something to look forward to.  Lucky You!!! :)