Friday, April 22, 2011

A Teacher's Dash

Most people have heard of the poem "The Dash."  This one was written by the same author.  This little series of poems has prompted quite a bit of thought on my part.  Thoughts which I will share soon, but for now, enjoy! :)

A Teacher’s Dash
Copyright 2007 Linda Ellis 

It’s been said the dash on a headstone
between the dates of birth and death 
represents each step we'll take on earth
...and every single breath.
We know the date when we were born,
but the following date can’t be foreseen
and all the days that we will live
are in that little dash in between.
Though we all may strive to prosper
during our time here on earth,
it isn't the money in our bank account
that measures what our dash is worth.
Some deem themselves “successful”
if they can spend in large amounts,
but how you spend your only dash
is all that really counts.
When young minds want to understand
what is just beyond their reach,
a special soul is called upon
to enlighten...and to teach.
A teacher chooses their career
not for prestige, wealth or cash,
but because their heart is telling them
this is how to live their dash.
For they receive true satisfaction
from guiding and from giving;
fulfillment found in making a life…
and not just making a living.
A good teacher has a tendency
to do more than what’s required
to prepare and send into this world
every "dash" that they've inspired.
Teachers make a difference
in each young mind they embrace;
they mold our future in their classrooms
and make the world a better place.