Monday, May 30, 2011


Sometimes she feels so angry.
He chose the path they staid.
He took the choice for both of them. 
She simply honoured and obeyed.

Sometimes she starts to waver.
She mourns each small mistake.
 She could have done it better.
She shouldn't underestimate.

Sometimes it doesn't matter, 
What is in the past.
Now each has gone their separate ways.
Their path just didn't last.

Sometimes the sorrow descends, 
Upon her haunted life.
She didn't know his power
Would cut her like a knife.

Sometimes she says, "Once is enough."
Though, tomorrow not the same.
She will cry and she will wonder
If he even knows her name.

Sometimes promises are broken.
There's a shattering of peace.
Yet life continues onward,
And Wonders never cease.