Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Again...


It seems that Monday has rolled around again.  For most of you, this means one thing... the inevitable return to work after some kind of weekend.  For others, it is simply the beginning of another week, either work has continued through the weekend or you don't venture out into the world of paid employment.  For me it is sort of an odd day.  You see, I don't work on Mondays (or Fridays but that is another story).  I have a doctor ordered day at home.  Or at least a day not at work.

Sometimes the dreaded Monday becomes a day of flitting from one doctor's appointment to another.  Sometimes it is a lovely day of relaxation in front of the television, daytime tv, dvd's and junk food (these are a few of my favourite things...).  Other times it is sort of a catch up day... catch up on housework that I avoided over the weekend, catch up on exercises I am supposed to do everyday, catch up on school work that continued to get pushed back into oblivion when the stress built up.  I also tend to use Mondays to catch up on emails, letters, cards and reading.

You may be flinching as you realise that your earlier resentment at reading that I "have Monday off" was misdirected.  In fact, while it is a day off, it really isn't.  Either way, it is the start of my week.  The inevitable return to reality after a weekend of friends and family and hiding under the covers until 9am.  I got up at around 7 this morning, I showered, I have done washing and tidied my room, emailed a colleague or two, caught up on some work, and I'm now trying to decide what is next... changing the sheets or having lunch??!!

But first, I had to stop and share with you how very odd Monday feels to me.  It is not actually the weekend, I know that because; my housemate is off to work and I am alone, the tv shows are different, there is food in the house and road works are on again.  But, I don't go to work.  I stay home.  I go to the doctors.  I cover books and plan my lessons and read.  All the while feeling very unsure.  Tomorrow I will get up at 6am, pack my bag and my lunch.  I will walk to the station and catch a train to work.  I will listen to my music and ponder the tasks I will do when I arrive at work.  I will check paperwork, sigh at the pile of stuff dumped on my desk in my absence and switch on my imaginary computer.  Therein begins my week!  I will ask if I missed anything, to which my esteemed colleagues will say no.  I will review my messages and "to do" tray.  Then I will discover that I have in fact missed things: one of my students has been suspended, another has broken his arm, my whole class is going on an excursion today and there is a meeting at lunch.  When I complain that I didn't know any of this, I am regaled with a short: "why not? it was announced at briefing on Monday!" To which I shake my head slowly and turn back to my desk... as I believe a question like that deserves no response.

Then at the end of the day, I remember that it is in fact Tuesday and I have another meeting to attend.  So the first day of my week begins like a Monday and ends like a Tuesday.  Then the rest of the week barrels along and before I can blink it is Monday again.  I am at home alone, blogging, reading, emailing and feeling odd.

But not to worry tomorrow is Tuesday.