Friday, May 20, 2011

Young Love!

Yesterday a teacher at my school emailed all the staff to tell the story of the delightful romance that has blossomed between two prominent students at our school.  So my post this evening is based on a true story but certainly includes a bit of artistic license.  :)

It was Friday 13th May.  Fred was sauntering through the school grounds with his mates as "she" was following her friend to the tuckshop.  He tried to hide it, but his mates knew he was staring at her.  Ever since the beginning of the year, when she first started at the school, he had been smitten.  Fred was mad about Ginger.  "That's it," he said, "today is the day."  His friends sprawled on the picnic tables, and followed his line of vision.  "I'm going to ask her," he resolved, staring straight ahead and puffing out his chest.  The boys laughed. He had said this everyday for the last two weeks and everyday he would strike up a conversation with the group of girls. Then Fred and Ginger would exchange feeble smiles in between stammered enquiries about each other's health, weekends and assignments before Fred returned to his mates.  
He frowned at his friends and started towards her.  The boys followed him with their eyes.  He stepped in front of Ginger and said, "Hey, how ya doin?" 
"Ah, okay I guess," replied Ginger in surprise.  He had never looked so determined.  
"You know, it's Friday 13th.  Black Friday.  It is supposed to be unlucky you know?" Fred searched her eyes for the tiniest hint of encouragement.  
"Ah, yeah, I know." Ginger frowned.  
"Well, if you agreed to go out with me, I would be the luckiest guy in the world!" he grinned.
"Wow," replied Ginger with a wide-eyed smile, "I would love to."  

Fred and Ginger are currently basking in the "new relationship glow."  Fred's PE teacher is spreading the news.  As for the rest of us? we located the delete button.