Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Word

The first word that comes to mind today is... Ouch!
The second is a word that I invented on Monday afternoon.  I was in lots of pain, I was really sad and tired and cranky.  The BFF was sitting on the lounge and I was in the kitchen.  I moaned, and said to her, "This is swear-worthy!" She giggled and said, "that should be your new word for Wednesday." So because the BFF is almost always right here it is....

Swear-worthy: 1. used to describe a situation that is frustrating, infuriating or painful enough to make one want to swear.  It describes an extreme event or ongoing situation where one who does not swear as a rule, loses control of their vocabulary.  e.g. "Sh*#" cried the mother, as she swerved her car full of children, narrowly missing the lamp post.  A swear-worthy situation, if ever there was one.
2. used in such a situation so as to refrain from swearing, as above.  eg "this is swear-worthy"

FYI: I haven't actually used any swear words this week.  I have managed to control myself.   Instead I invented a new word, so something good came out of all this pain.


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