Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Most Beautiful Woman I Know

A great many of the chicks in my life will be clambering to claim this title.... but alas there is only one and if you didn't get a special email with the link, it's not you!

The most beautiful woman I know is not a teenage super model. I didn't meet her at a celebrity party.  I've never seen her picture in the newspaper or on the cover of a magazine.  She is not a famous actress.  She doesn't live in a mansion or have millions of dollars at her disposal, or own a huge corporation.  She doesn't turn heads when she enters a room.  She is not a princess with a crown and ball gown.

The most beautiful woman I know, goes to my church.  I met her in the ladies' room.  She loves God.  She loves her family and from what I've seen, they adore her.  She prays with sincerity.  She speaks with clarity and economy.  She spends her time in service and gives what she can.  She has a wide range of talents which she shares without pride.  Her smile lights up a dark day.  Her confidence, encouragement and willingness to "have a go" inspires me.  She prays for me when I can't pray for myself!  She is truly a woman of God and His beauty shines through her always!

"A Great Title" has a rule... No Real Names. So...
To The Most Beautiful Woman I Know,
Love M

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