Friday, January 21, 2011

Eye pillows

Most eye pillows look like the ones shown in the picture.  They are kind of like a mini wheat bag (ice/heat).  Some have lavender and others have some such aromatherapy stuff in them to assist in the sleeping process.  I have to say, these have become an essential item in my freezer, esky and lunchbox.  If I have a long day out of the house, my eye pillow comes with me.  I use at least one on my face every night.  In fact, it has sort of become my security blanket, I can't get to sleep without one.  I put mine in the freezer to keep them super cold.  That sensation on my eyes and face soothes me big time.  But it rarely does that for other people, usually keeping them in the fridge is enough.  Some people like them heated, but I live in Queensland Australia dude, no way am I putting a "warm" anything on my face at night.  
These little bags of cold, dark, relief are my best friends on a hot summer night (on any night really).  To demonstrate what I will do for one of these, I will tell you a story...  I once left my eye pillow at work (like I said, a long day out and it goes with me) and I had a huge migraine.  I tried to get through the next day without my little friend, but I just couldn't bare it.  So, I called my Head of Department, who rummaged through my desk drawers (a very brave man!), found it and brought it to my house!  I could not possibly give him enough chocolate to let him know how much I appreciate that!!! Especially considering the doctor banned me from work for a week and I just wouldn't have survived that long without my pillow of sweet restful happiness!!!!  You will be glad to hear that I now have several "little friends" so that such an incident does not have to be repeated.  But I have misplaced one of them. :(

Enjoy your weekend, and go get yourself one of these bad boys, you won't regret it, I never have.

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