Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Big Bang Permeation

During my year 8 class today, we were working in small groups. A small group was with me, while others were working on activity sheets. My group was talking about a simple division problem. “There were ten apples and five students. How many apples did each student get?” As we discussed the key words and of course the answer and the strategies for finding the answer, a student said “I've got it Miss, I worked it out.” Another student in the group interjected with “well, der, it's really easy, you don't need a Sheldon to figure that out.”

So this pre-evening I shared my little story with my room mate who said, “that's gotta go on the blog.”

I knew that our friend Sheldon and the great TBBT gang were beginning to take over the world. I am so pleased that TBBT is becoming a part of my class vernacular. We have something in common, my students and me!