Friday, August 10, 2018

Happy Birthday, Mum!

This Sunday is my Mum's birthday.

She has decided that she wants to spend it with her mother.  I'm not feeling unloved or anything.

In past years, I have dedicated a blog post to Mum on her birthday.  One year, I shared with you how she is NOT tech savvy.  Another year, I told you all about the other people who were born the same year as my mum.  There was the year that I decided I wasn't buying her anymore presents... then the time it wasn't Mum's birthday, but I said some stuff about her that was really nice.

Despite the fact that my Mum asks really stupid questions (I mean, they are the next level of stupid!) and says things that are really obvious (I mean, REALLY obvious!) I love her very much. I'm so glad that she is my mum.  She's not your mum; she's MY MUM!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Mu-um!
Happy Birthday to you!

Have an awesome weekend, people!
Eat some cake!  Somebody should.

Luv ya Mum!