Friday, May 13, 2016

Conversations about Chicken Soup

My parents have both come down with a cold in the past week.  It's to be expected in this season I suppose.  Mum decided to make some chicken soup.  The only cure for a cold is chicken soup, don't you know.

This morning this conversation transpired.

Mum: I have poured the chicken soup into the silver containers and they are on the bottom shelf of the fridge.
Me: I know, I saw them.
Mum: Now you can't put those containers in the microwave. 
Me: I know that, Mum.  I'm a bit annoyed that you think you have to tell me that.
Mum: I know, that you know, that those containers don't go in the microwave but "some people" might not know that those containers can't go in the microwave.
Me: I know that I can't put them in the microwave and I know that if "someone" wants chicken soup to make sure that they know the containers can't go in the microwave.  I will pour the soup into a microwave safe bowl. 
Mum: okay.

About 15 minutes later, I was in the kitchen doing something terribly domestic when Mum walked from her bedroom to the kitchen and said, "Your father just told me that the soup in the fridge is in a container that can't go in the microwave."  We both laughed. 

In our house, "somebody" is what Mum and I use as our code for Dad.  The thing is, I'm fairly certain Dad knows this is our code and therefore it isn't really a code.  Do you have codes like that you use with your partner or family? 

Some people might think this conversation was rather boring.  To those people I would like to say, "welcome to my world."