Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday Thank You Blob

My mother drives me everywhere I need to go.  She drives me to the train station, the bus stop, the dentist, the doctor, the physio, the shops, the airport, the vet, the pet shop, church, my sister's house, my friend's house and sometimes even school.   She drives me- nuts, crackers, bonkers, crazy and up the proverbial wall!

After 30 years of life on Earth I have come to the conclusion that it just wouldn't be the same without my Mum!  She is so much more than a womb or a taxi driver.  She can wash and clean and iron too.
I jest!!

My Mum is very important to me but sometimes I forget to tell her.  You would think that she would know by now, but when you are as fabulous as my mum it is easy to feel unappreciated.  I know that there are situations and times when I don't feel appreciated and it sucks!  I know a lot of adjectives and none of them capture how it feels better than the word 'sucks'.

This Thursday's Thank you is a Blob for Mum!  I love ya Mum. Thanks for driving me crazy and taking care of me.  I seriously couldn't do it without you.

Love Always

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