Saturday, September 27, 2014

Big Girl Pants and Being Pretty

Just so that you know, when I say big girl pants, I'm not talking about the metaphorical ones that we pull up when we have to be a grown up.  Trust me, I would never pay for the 'privilege' of being a grown up!  I'm talking about the tangible ones that you pull up every morning and believe they will be the one thing that keeps you and your personals  covered in rain, hail and shine. Every girl knows that your big girl pants can make a difference between a good and an itchy one! 

Last week I went to town and did some good old fashioned shopping!  When I say shopping, I'm talking about the kind of shopping that spans city blocks, department stores and specialty shops.  This is the shopping that ends in exhaustion and sore feet.  Remember that scene in Pretty Woman, when Julia Roberts collapses into a chair, dressed up to the nines and surrounded by piles of bags and boxes.   My flop on the bed was far less glamorous and I was in sensible walking shoes and still had sore feet. Good thing I was staying in a modest hotel in the city.  The PJ's were on before the room service arrived. 

My expedition included a frantic search of the underwear department of (the ritzy and superior), Target.  Why was I frantic?  I need new underwear.  The situation is getting desperate.  Well, it was desperate last week. You see, I found an excellent line of underwear a few years ago.  It was pretty and fitted comfortably.  Undies are an important part of your outfit,girls.  I'm not shy about saying it.  I know that no one sees my undies but me and the laundry fairy but when I wear my granny undies I feel like a granny and there is enough going on, any give day, that makes me feel like a granny without my undies jumping on board.  So, when my favourite line of pretty panties were no longer available - discontinued - I could have cried!!! In fact, I might have cried. 

I went shopping with the intention of finding a new underwear collection and when I couldn't find anything at Target, despair was looming.  Fortunately, my frantic rifling into the backs and bottoms (no pun intended) and corners of the underwear racks finally uncovered a limited range of big girl undies that didn't look my Nan's.  It was more that a little disturbing that I was so delighted by a purchase of such a necessity, but that's how it goes these days. 

My romp in the city was a success.  I came home with new undies and a new pair of shoes.  =) 

 Nothing beats a comfy pair of undies.  But, if they're pretty, it's a bonus. 

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