Monday, August 12, 2013


Ladies and Gentlemen I have an announcement. 

Today is the day for birthdays.  Would you like a list of the people I know who are celebrating a birthday today?  Too bad, you are getting it anyway. 

One of my students has a birthday today.  We all got the day off school to celebrate (I jest).

Erwin Shroedinger would be 126 today if he was still alive.  Apparently, being a father of theoretical physics is not enough to keep you alive until you are 126.  The other sad thing is that he never got to meet me! Poor man.  This is the perfect excuse for inserting a photo of Shelly here.  

The wife of the BFF's boss is celebrating a birthday today.  Does anyone know where one can buy a meringue torte?  I would tell you the suburb, but I have reason to believe that this guy would have it flown in from Meringue Land if there was such a place. 

My Mum is celebrating a birthday today and I'm not going to reveal her age.  I will say that there are no zeroes therefore I only have to say happy birthday once.  (winky smile!)

It is a "BLOB" today, as that is what Mum calls my blog.  She doesn't quite understand cyberspace.  Either that or she is being so ironic that even I don't get it. 


I hope everyone who is sharing their birthday with my darling mother is having a glorious day.  

With all my Love 


Sarah Wilson said...

Happy Birthday Mom! Make sure to enjoy some birthday cake!

M said...

My Sister made a cake for Mum. It was really nice. I will certainly pass on your best wishes. Thanks!

Sarah Wilson said...

You and your blog make me smile.
You have been nominated for the Sunshine Reward! Check it out!