Wednesday, August 7, 2013


National Literacy and Numeracy Week 2013 (the 15th anniversary) just ended.  What a relief! It has been quite busy, as I'm sure you can imagine.  I am struggling with a few things of late that I decided I should share.  This is simply for the purpose of getting it out of my head. Here goes. 

Coughs and Colds and Flu's and General Yuckyness

The onset of winter and the westerly winds that arrive in August have got everyone in my world coughing and sneezing.  A few of the more susceptible among us have also had ear infections and even hospital visits.  The rest of us are just very very tired.  Feeling this way is not at all fun.  It is difficult to do anything much and even harder to motivate oneself out of bed.  The worst thing about it is that watching everyone else around you get sick and endure the illness for literally months, leads you to believe that there is not end in sight.  Why get out of bed when the world is filled with sick people and germs! 

Moving Hangover

After moving house and the fun of unpacking (which I still haven't done) one tends to get a little hangover.  I think they do anyway.  Things are sort of in limbo while you are still working out where things should go and what really works.  This awkward enough when one lives along, but moving BACK in with their parents... what was I thinking?... and you throw a cat into the mix (generally a cat is very cranky after being thrown anywhere) and hitting the ground running at work... and the slightly awkward turns into quite the headache.  The end of the day comes all too slowly and yet all too quickly. 
I want to unpack another box or more.  I want to curl up in a ball, just like Shelly, and cuddle with my kitty.  I have school work to do and house work to catch up on.  Perhaps having Mum around isn't so bad... she is an ironing fairy (and a laundry fairy and a dishes fairy) when she isn't at work.  However, the list of things to do is getting longer and longer and while my days seem short in terms of time to do things, the days feel far too long in terms of what my body will handle.  I'm tired.  The worst thing about being tired is being cranky! I don't like being cranky and so, I try to control my crankiness and that takes a lot of energy too. 

Do you see my dilemma?! 

Anyway.  I'm tired and I have a sore throat too, by the way, and I'm feeling rather overwhelmed.  You see, it doesn't seem to matter that I need to stop periodically a few times each day, the world doesn't stop.  It never stops.  The earth keeps turning and everyone keeps living their lives.  Kids do their homework and more kids don't do their homework.  Teachers ask me questions about their students and assessments and I have to create learning activities for my classes.  There are meetings and resources I need to prepare and I can hear the deadlines whooshing past my head faster than the speed of light (which technically means I wouldn't be able to hear them either, but they are just that noisy).  

You probably think I'm having a good old fashioned whinge and  I don't know how good I've got it.  I mean to say... who else has a free laundry and dishes fairy?  But, I do know how good I have it.  I really do know. You see, one of the reasons I am actually sleeping well and want to sleep more is that I am busy enough to get tired and I have a great bed.  I have a bed that is comfortable and supportive and warmed for me especially by the cutest kitty you have ever seen.  Now all I have to do is get her to move over so I can enjoy it!! 
I have friends and I have family who love me.  I have my own TV and sole control of my remote.  I have a laptop which works and doesn't frustrate me when my fingers are moving fast... because my laptop can keep up.  I have internet access.  I have a classroom of my own where I can store my resources and posters and it is okay that I'm a hoarder because there is room (well some room) for my stuff in my room.  I have some nice students who want to learn and who respect me and the work I do to help them.  I have colleagues who make me laugh.  I have a soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur who loves to play with me and purrs when I pat her and who waits for me to get home in the evenings.  

I'm not crazy.  I'm tired.  I'm hungry.  I'm overwhelmed.  But, crazy, I'm not! 

I hope I haven't depressed you too much.  



Sarah Wilson said...
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Sarah Wilson said...

Hang in there! Way to see the blessings you do have in the middle of all the chaos!

Go take fifteen minutes and cuddle with that kitty!