Saturday, May 12, 2018

Two Lists


Things that make me HAPPY

Listening to music while I walk
Light bulb moments
Seeing my friends smile
Playing with Shelly
Hanging out with my Mum (Don't tell her, though)
Talking to the BFF
Praying (even when I'm sad, it lifts my spirit)
Going to Church
Stamping/ Creating 

Things that I do everyday 

See friends smile
Laugh (I hope I do this everyday)
Play with Shelly
Hang out with my Mum... living with your Mum makes it hard NOT to do this everyday
Sleep- I love sleeping! 

Things I do at least once a week (I am counting this under the everyday list)

Talk to the BFF
Go to Church 
Creating and Stamping

The only thing on my Happy list that I don't do on (at least) a weekly basis is "Light Bulb Moments".  I don't know if I can adjust that one.  There are too many factors out of my control that contribute to Light Bulb Moments. 

Sometimes, there are parts of our life that don't make us happy.  There are often parts of our life over which we have no control.  Focus on the stuff that does make you happy.  Focus on the big picture.  Focus on the little things that you can control and relax.  Have some fun.  Do what makes you happy.  Even if it's only for a minute.