Friday, May 18, 2018

Best of AGT: The Light Bulb (a poem)

This poem was first published on 4 February in 2011 here at AGT.  In honour of my two 'happy' lists last week, I thought it was time to revisit this poem.  Enjoy
The Light Bulb

Today I saw a Light Bulb
In all its shining glory.
Before you scoff, remember,
Every Light Bulb has a story.

It begins with doubt and darkness,
A task that is unclear.
There might be tears or anger,
Confusion mixed with fear.

This child doesn't get it
It makes no sense up there
'What is the point?' she questions
'I don't even care!'

The teacher frowns, uncertain
Into a smile her lips then curl,
"I'll show you a trick," she says
As she sits beside the girl.

Sometimes a child just can't see.
They think a different way.
This girl feels very lonely, 
The worksheet's suddenly "mislaid."

The teacher talks to others.
She tries lots of games.
She even gives the topic, 
A bunch of other names.

One day the teacher gets it right,
She breaks right through the wall.
The little girl before her
No longer slips or falls

Instead she gets the concept.
Something up there clicks.
This little girl is smiling,
She's finally found the switch!

Then we see the Light Bulb,
It comes on behind her eyes.
Her hand shoots up into the air,
'I know, I know,' she cries.

Today I saw a Light Bulb,
In all its shining glory.
I smile because I'm so privileged,
A character in its story.