Friday, April 8, 2016

FROZEN Party Decorations!!

The GREAT FROZEN Tea Party was a rousing success which made all the preparation totally worth it.  While it takes a lot of time to sift through ideas and resources on the web and actually narrow it down to a manageable load, I am not even counting that as the hardest or longest part.  The most elaborate part of hosting a party is the decorating. 

While the menu must be magical and memorable, the decorations set the mood from the moment guests step through the front door.  I have to say, I did a great job of creating a magical and fun atmosphere from the front door to the tea table and back again. Everyone seemed suitably impressed by the decorations.  The only thing I would do differently is make sure I had created more things in the weeks before the party so the few days before the party were less busy.  I suppose you are dying to find out all about the creation process... which I must admit was the most enjoyable part of the whole affair in my mind.  :)

I divided the house into three zones for the party activities and tried to decorate each of them in a way that showed each zone as individual but tied the three different zones into one magical FROZEN world.  This was a bit tricky, as the kitchen was in the middle of it all and it was difficult to decorate such a functional  area.  I used some of the snowflakes (which were also placed throughout all the party zones) to decorate cupboard doors.  That seemed to make the party zones come together.   

What would a FROZEN party be without snowflakes?! Boring, that's what.  My mum used this tutorial to create 3D snowflakes.  We hung the 3D snowflakes above the table that the girls sat at for tea.  There are tutorials for different styles of these 3D snowflakes, although this is the most common one.  Mum said that once she had a couple of practice runs it got quicker and easier to make these. 

We both used blue cardboard/ paper to cut out paper snowflakes.  I also purchased about 150 paper doilies from our local dollar store, which made my snowflake cutting really easy! There are several tutorials and templates for cutting identical looking snowflakes.  I used these as a rough guide to get me started, but mainly I just cut random shapes out of the folded doilies.  Every snowflake in nature is unique so I think it was better to make each of the 2D snowflakes a little bit different. 

We laminated most of the 2D snowflakes so we can use them again for other parties... whether FROZEN or Winter Wonderland or other Snowy theme, these will come in handy. 

There are a lot of these on the internet- click the link in this paragraph or check out the link at the bottom of this post for more sources.  Quite a few party planning sites and friendly Blogging Mum's who offer printable resources that you can download if you are hosting a party of your own and then all you have to do is cut out and hang.  I compiled a list of quotes from the film myself and printed them out.  Some were on blue paper and some were on white paper. 
I used the lyrics from "Fixer Upper"
(a song from the movie)
to make this sign for the Bathroom

We used the 2D snowflakes and a couple of the quote posters in the entry way of our house to compliment the two big things that welcomed our guests.
First we had a wreath on the door.  Mum made this with a feather boa and a wreath ring she had in the cupboard. 
The sign under the wreath says,
"Love is an Open Door" (Come on in)

Next, we had a curtain made from streamers and plastic tablecloths in the hall. 

Guests walked through this to get to the dining table where afternoon tea was set up.  Click here for an easy to follow tutorial of how to construct a similar curtain/ back drop for your party.  I used this as inspiration for our curtain and other backdrops through the house. 
The back drop to our Tea Party. 
The cake was presented on the cabinet (on the right)
Battery Operated Fairy Lights hooked over the curtain rod
hung beautifully behind two plastic table cloths to make this backdrop.

More Snowflakes and Quote Posters
and additional decorations
Close Up

Check in Next week to see the Photo Booth and the Table Decorations!