Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Great FROZEN Party Menu

The most talked about and remembered part of a celebration is always the food!  It doesn't matter if you are throwing a party for a one year old or a one hundred year old, if it is a wedding or a wake, the food will be noticed and people will talk about it.  You can be forgiven almost any party faux pa if the food is exquisite.  You can impress them with decorations and entertain them with activities, but if you don't wow them with food, your party will be a dud.  It's not enough to just feed them, you have to seduce their senses and tantalise their taste buds. 

Your Menu Must be Magical!

The Menu at our FROZEN party looked like this...

Looking at various Party Planning websites and blogs you can find several themed menu items for your FROZEN party and plenty of party staple foods as well.  What you ultimately include on your menu will depend on a number of factors including: time of day, season/ weather, party location, entertainment/ activities, dietary requirements of guests, parental restrictions, guest demographics, what your guest of honour likes to eat. 

As this Great Party was for my niece, my sister had to approve the menu.  This meant that several menu items I would have chosen were not included.  Ultimately, what we served was a good mix of nutritious and treat and all of it was yummy! Mum and Grandma had their hearts set on a "high tea" so I did some research and found this great article (pin) about traditional high tea and the etiquette rules.
I used this as a guide rather than a gospel for my menu and of course I checked out the themed party foods from lots of other FROZEN parties before creating the menu for this party.  The mother daughter mix of guests had a bit of an influence on the menu as well and we decided to have a separate serving table just for the adult guests. 

Children's Menu
1st Course
Sandwiches: Cheese and Vegemite, Cheese, Vegemite, Ham and Cheese, Chicken and Mayo, ("We finish each other's sandwiches")
Carrot and Celery Sticks (Sven Snacks)
Small Meatballs (Troll rocks) with tomato sauce for dipping.

2nd Course
Mini Cupcakes- vanilla cakes. Some had white icing and blue/white pearl sprinkles.  Some had light blue icing with Frozen Character Cupcake toppers.

3rd Course
Fruit Fondue (Anna sings about the chocolate fondue in her duet with Hans "Love is an Open Door"). This included cubed seasonal fruit with a small plastic shot glass filled with melted Nutella. 

Adult's Menu
1st Course
Sandwiches (salmon and cream cheese, cucumber, chicken and mayo).
Small Meatballs with dipping sauce
Carrot sticks and Celery sticks

2nd Course
Scones with Strawberry Jam and Whipped Cream.

3rd Course
Seasonal Fruit and Cupcakes.

The birthday cake was prepared by a talented family friend.

I pinned lots of cakes on my party planning board and narrowed it down to three choices.  My niece chose her favourite and then our friend got baking. 

That's that then.