Friday, March 25, 2016

The Greatest FROZEN party this Summer!

Last month, my niece turned 10.  We had the party of the century!  Mum and I went a little nuts, but that's okay because it's not everyday your first niece turns 10. 

Like most ten year old little girls, 5 (5th in age of the nieces and nephews) simply loves the movie FROZEN... and so do her little sisters and her friends.  My sister, 5's mum, thought it might be nice to have a "high tea" as the girls often play at having their own tea parties.  It was a beautiful day, and there are so many ideas online for planning parties - especially with the Frozen theme- that the hardest part was deciding what NOT to do. 

If you want more ideas for Frozen parties check out my Frozen Tea Party Pinterest board.

I decided this would work better as a series... work better for me anyway, so you will need to check back if you want to see how it all came together. 

Today, I'm going to give you a quick run down on the activities at the party.  I will say, that I wish I had organised one or two more activities to fill the time, but you live and learn.

2pm- Music: "the first time in forever" and "love is an open door"
Guests arrive!

Birthday Girl to greet them in the hall and welcome them to the "Ball room" where they could place their gifts, get a free paper tiara to wear and get a photo in the photo booth with "Olaf".  I also put out plain white paper, coloured pencils and crayons so the girls could draw pictures/ write letters once they had finished exploring the party fun.

2:15pm - Music: Movie Soundtrack from the beginning
Tea is Served!
I will write an entire post about the food later, but we had an almost traditional high tea with a Frozen twist.  The girls enjoyed it.  There was a separate table for adults to enjoy their own high tea.
Food was served on three tier towers (just like the traditional setting).

2:45pm- Cake and Happy Birthday!
We didn't serve cake at this point as the girls had stuffed themselves.  We just did the singing and cake cutting then left the cake to be sliced in the kitchen and handed to girls as they left the party.

2:50pm- Karaoke and Photo Booth Fun
We had a small karaoke machine (which happened to be Frozen themed) with 3 microphones.  The girls took turns singing with a microphone (3 at a time).  While they were able to sing along with any of the songs from the movie, we heard quite a few renditions of "Let it Go"!
The photo booth was set up with a white backdrop (again I will write more about this in another post) and a basket full of props.  Dress ups and Selfies... does it get any better than that?

The colouring materials were still available as well.
We also had an Ice Castle Doll House (belonging to 7 who is the second niece in the clan and now 5 years old).  So there was something to do for everyone while the other girls were singing.
5 also opened her gifts during this time and shared them with her friends as she played with them.  She was given a bit of costume jewellery and loved trying it all on as well as trying on the dresses she was given.  It was a bit of a fashion parade!

5 thanked all her friends for coming and thanked the adults who did all the hard work to make her day so special.  Guests slowly began to say thank yous and good byes.  All the children received a small gift bag (which I will tell you more about in another post) and a piece of cake wrapped in a Frozen themed serviette. 
My nephews arrived at 4pm and chaos ensued as they invaded the photo booth and devoured what was left of the food! Lol. 

It was a lot of hard work, but the girls and their mothers all had a magical time as they felt transported into a magical Frozen World.  Considering it was one of the hottest days on record for February (it is Summer here in Australia), I think that was quite a feat!

Stay tuned for more Frozen Party Tips!

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