Friday, April 15, 2016

FROZEN Decoration (part 2): Photobooth and Table Settings

The FROZEN party of the Decade (it was a big deal for us, okay!) had many elements that made it so great.  There was a Delicious Menu, Fun Activities and Decorations that created a magical celebration world.  For the final post in my series about the Great FROZEN Party I want to show you how we decorated and set the table.  Then, I will show you how we put the Photo Booth together. 

Hurricane Lamps - we had in the cupboard.  You can purchase these for less than $5 at your local Discount Store.  The Frozen Figurines came in a Mystery Mini Doll Set which I purchased at our local supermarket for $3 each.  There were four of these evenly spaced along the centre of the table.

I used snowflake stickers (which I bought in the after Christmas sales) to decorate the drinking cups and the small plastic shot glasses that we used to serve the Nutella fondue (click here to see my post about the Menu for the party). 

The photos below show the table after it was set.  Hagrid couldn't resist sitting in the birthday girl's chair just to see how it felt.

It seems that a Photo Booth is a must have element for almost any celebration these days.  The advancement of technology means that everyone has a camera phone and even the most mundane life event is an opportunity for a selfie.  A Photo Booth is also an opportunity to play "dress up" and little girls love to dress up, so it was a no brainer.  There are lots of Photo Booth ideas out there from simple to complicated.  You can find printable/ cut outs for making props as well as ideas for making your own.  You can even buy ready made props.  Our props included:
-reindeer ears,
-big sunglasses- like Olaf wears in his Summer Song,
-two plastic tiaras,
-2 fairy wands (with blue and silver ribbon tied around them),
- hair piece headbands (a blonde single plait and a red double plait),
- blue sparkled cloth,

I purchased the reindeer ears in the after Christmas sales and the hair pieces at Best and Less.  The blue sparkled fabric was bought at a local fabric shop.  I picked up the rest of the props from various discount stores by looking in the party/ costume section each time I was out and thinking about how they could be linked to the movie.  As it was my other niece's birthday the following week, I saved all the props to create a dress up box for her.  Totally worth it because the dress up box was a huge hit!

I presented all the props for the photo booth in a small wicker basket (another item from my Mum's cupboard of craft and other supplies) set beside the backdrop.  We used white paper lanterns (also bought from the discount store) to 'build a snowman' and placed some fabric snow (another after Christmas bargain) on the floor. 

That's all you need to know about my Great Frozen Party.  Check out my Pinterest Board to see more great ideas shared by other Party Planners (from ordinary Mum's to the professionals).  If you have any questions or want to share your own ideas, please do so in the comments.  I would love to hear them. 

Have Fun Planning your next Great Party!


curtis03 Lewis said...

Wow!! These frozen table decors are simply lovely and glasses looks awesome. Want to arrange my niece’ birthday party at Chicago event venues. Was looking for some great ideas for the day. Now will have some of these frozen ideas. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

M said...

You're very welcome! I would love to hear how it all goes!