Friday, April 22, 2016

Note to Self: Travel and Booking Hotel Rooms

I recently stayed at a hotel for a weekend so I could have some alone time.  The purpose of my 'retreat' and how I spent it might sound strange to many but it was exactly what I needed.  Every experience is an opportunity to learn, and I don't want to forget what I learned from this particular little adventure.  If I can't say it here, so I remember it later, where can I say it?

When staying at a hotel that claims to have cable channels, take the portable DVD player, just in case! It's better to leave it in your bag than be bored because you can't watch all those awesome DVD's you brought with you. It is a bit tricky to watch DVD's and work on your laptop at the same time when your laptop is already slow.

Spa baths are great fun and always worth the extra money tacked onto the price of a hotel room.

Air Conditioning is a must!

Wifi is a must!  Sometimes this is FREE and sometimes paid per day.  Check locations - sometimes throughout the grounds, sometimes only in shared spaces such as the lobby and or business centre.

Room Service is also a must. Check the hours that the room service is available.  Sometimes it is 24 hours... great... sometimes it is only for specified meals during specified hours.  It's worth finding this out before you book especially if you plan to eat in and don't want to pack your own food.

Use a travel app (like Trip Advisor) to find out what is close to the hotel (before booking) including restaurants, take away joints, shopping centres, convenience stores, cinemas, bus stops/ public transport and places of interest (e.g. museums, theme parks).

Find out if your Hotel caters for major events such as weddings. While you might not be planning to tie the knot, if you are there for a weekend it is likely that at least one Wedding or other big celebration is going to be taking place.  Be prepared for noisy/ happy (drunk) neighbours.  There could also be a conference of some kind going on where you could find yourself surrounded by a bunch of scientists or accountants.  Some people might feel this is a bonus.  Some people might not.  Either way, it's nice to know what to expect.

If there is a pool, pack your swimming costume.  It's nice to know you can use the pool even if you don't take the option.

Sleep in and take advantage of all the perks that are available to you.  You will have more fun that way. 

:) So glad I am no longer in danger of forgetting all these things that I forgot last time I stayed at a fancy hotel.  :)