Sunday, September 13, 2015

Felines on Film

I tried to film Shelly during our tunnel play time last week.  I got photos.  There was a lot of footage that is not very entertaining because Shelly is hiding in one of the tunnels or just sitting and staring at the toys that I am waving about under the phone. 

This experience has brought me to a conclusion or two.

1. People who have cats and put videos of them on the internet must have a lot of time on their hands!
2. These people also MUST have at least one really good friend that also has A LOT of time on their hands!
3. These people can edit their footage and add background music to pep things up.

I barely had enough time to film Shelly and I playing together and doing it alone was difficult.  I mean, it was almost impossible to hold the camera (my phone) and entice Shelly into doing something engaging enough to film.  When I positioned the camera on top of the freezer and played with Shelly, all the action ended up happening just off camera!!

Therefore, people who manage to put the entertaining videos of cats being cats, MUST have friends and great editing equipment. 

That's what I think anyway!!

Here's a few photos of Shelly enjoying play time. 

Okay, I'll count to 10 while you hide!  1, 2, 3...
See what I mean!!


Nearly got it!

She was mesmerised!

That's that then.
Time to go shopping!